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Poetry and creative writing by the philosopher and author, alexis karpouzos.

Actress : Martha mourouzi

alexis karpouzos on Amazon

alexis karpouzos on Goodreads

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Alexis karpouzos poetry and creative writing.

Actress : Martha mourouzi

Alexis karpouzos on Amazon

Alexis karpouzos on Goodereads

alexis karpouzos on instagram


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Controlling Our Lives?

Do we choose who we really are?
Do we decide what things we do?
Do we have the power to shape our lives?
And make our dreams come true?

Do we have a say what is in store?
And what will be our fate?
Are we in full control our minds?
Can we help it's happy state?

Or do the gods govern this world?
Is there any point in resistance?
But if you ask me who's really in charge,
I say we cont...

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Questions for Investigations

The philosophers will burn themselves into fresh air the perfume of truth. 

What is truth without a universe of tangible objects? 

Is the perceivable reality just an allusion to what is formless? A sign post to the beyond for those no longer satisfied with a physical life?

The unconscious and sex seem to be purely motivated by a fear of death. Without that fear how would people and sexual...

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