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the things you left

You left me

        half-full plant pot ashtrays, old mugs of midnight teas, a jacket you spent too much on, the dregs from cheap red wine, rolled up train tickets, desecrated baggies,

                                                                              and a dent on your side of the bed.

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breakupemotionalemotional painheartbreakloveLove lostpain

Back to square one

i told my self i am safe
I said I'm safe because I will not let my heart be broken
be taken

too soon spoken
here I am ..once again ..broken

I thought I was tough
I proved otherwise
from me to me
I appologise

I thought I was ahead
and I wouldn't fall in love
walk away I said
rise above

I knew you wern't for me
a future with you I couldn't see

I should not have stayed
just ...

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Broken heartsLove lost

Addiction Spell

A desire stronger than the weight of the world, nothing in life matters more than the intake of poison, fogged mind and clouded vision,

Tell Me What's Love Compared To Addiction

controlled by controlled substance your own worst enemy living physically but empty mentally,

Happiness Depleted Unless Using Of Course My Best Friend Is My Drug Of Choice

scared of facing withdrawals to much p...

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addictionaddictionsdeepdrug abusedrug poemsemptyfeeling's poemsHappinessHeroin AddictionLove lostlove poemsmissing someone

I loved you

I loved you 

From the moment I saw you

Black beanie 


Cigarette hanging from the side of your mouth

Dripping in hurt and cynicism


My imperfect reflection


We spent days in bed

Hid from the world

Made our own


You were the light in my darkness

The first to really see me

The first to truly love me

What you gave me I'd never had before


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divorceheartacheLove lost

A Motherwell Romance

Wanting life easy but living it hard                     

Dons his sick kilt and has one for the road

Gone to repeat the story he’s been told   

In the bar where he hasn’t been barred.             


Scotland is playing, they’ll win or they’ll lose      

He orders a pint, the fifth of the night                

Loneliness fades and the world becomes right

An amber-flecked al...

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alcoholalcohol abusedrinkingLove lostscotland

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