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Face To Face With Us

{Face To Face With Us} 




My white and tan face fades, 

hiding inside of this grayish black smoke. 

I knew they'd use it against us, 

dammit; the tear gas is filling the blue skies around us and as the rub bullets flies past our heads. 

I'm grown I make my own decisions to fight this fight. 

I'm fresh like I just rolled out of bed.

Their clouded misguided assumpti...

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The World’s Eyes

These thoughts that run through every crevice of my mind. The harmful things that touch and ruin the most precious moments, I can’t stop them. The bad that always overtakes the good. The evil that somehow breaks everything that I once loved. Society has broken my view of perfection. Not only my view of perfection, but it has broken me. Into millions of pieces that will never be able to join back t...

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Believe it or not

Believe it or not but you are a culprit 

Believe it or not but you are dead

All the words you speak, the thoughts you have

It's all what they fed 

The collar is around your neck 

The rein is in their hands 

No matter how far you wanna go 

You do what they say instead.


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Too "Thug" To Fall in Love

lil shorty's been through a lot, got her heart broken one too many times.. all she ever did was give her love and trust to people who didn't see what she was worth, it wasn't her fault she'd end up so hurt.. she just believed imperfect people were beautiful and, like herself, a broken heart is possible to be mended again.. so she gave her love tryna fix a thug.. she saw pain and potential in his e...

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Technology can be a virus to society

Remember when thing's used to be good,

musical sounds, movies the taste of our food

remember when we had such fun playing outside 

fishing running dancing going for a bike ride

A time before machines had us all hooked

when you'd go out for a meal and talk to each other and looked

When your parents would spend time with you

not online pretending to 

When you would burn off ...

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CHOOSE LIFE, choose getting fired, choose beating the system, fucking the system, fuck the system. Choose office politics, small talk, polite talk. Signing birthday cards for people you don’t even like. Choose snacking because you are bored, eating cake because it’s there.  Filling up the coffee machine, smiling once you’ve done it. Choose getting praise for work you hate, hating work for peo...

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