Too "Thug" To Fall in Love

lil shorty's been through a lot, got her heart broken one too many times.. all she ever did was give her love and trust to people who didn't see what she was worth, it wasn't her fault she'd end up so hurt.. she just believed imperfect people were beautiful and, like herself, a broken heart is possible to be mended again.. so she gave her love tryna fix a thug.. she saw pain and potential in his eyes, heard every one of his cries.. but these boys still wanna be boys, using her heart like a toy.. so much beauty and pain in finding nothing to gain.. but it'll only happen again.. hurt people hurt people, and some just keep getting hurt over again..

cruz 2017new agesocietythug

◄ a love that use to be

Hurt People Hurt People - She Sets Fire to the Kind That hurt Her ►


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