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My mother appeared to me today

I saw your face today

as I stared in the mirror

It was not before me

but right inside my head

Not me looking at myself

but you holding me in your gaze

The form was clear and true

You were alive to me

Your face filled mine

I became you

for a few moments

felt your mind in mine

the fear of your thoughts

and the power of your emotions

I know not why you


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Dark's Embrace

Symphonies of sorrow 

Sapphires in the oceans abyss 

Why do I find it so, 

Sorrow as a lovely tune 


Deep keys accompanied by chimes  

Echoing fog dancing about 

The ballet of sin and crime  

And innocent eyes looking on 


The dark’s embrace  

A monster of a mother 

We weep as we accept  

How our joy was slaughtered 

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My mother, a purist

My mother was a purist
Material aspects did not appeal to her
Life performed in traditional ways
Hair imperfect, unkempt, unkept
Clothes plain, unadorned, undecorated
Ever since I was a child
It seemed that she was happy this way
Then there was one night
This one night I couldnt sleep so I searched the house
There she was
My single curious eye peering beyond the doorframe
She ...

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