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What if I'm not good enough?

What if one day they realizes they're better then me and go to somone else.

I know its early, and I shouldnt stress over it, but anxiety is real, and sometimes you listen.

Yet when this happens you must remember, everyhing happens for a reason. 

They like you. They care for you.

Focus on now, not if.

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Love isn't easy to do 

Love can be a nightmare

that follows you

throughout your life 

Love can rip your heart

apart if you trust in

someone who says or

claims that they love you

when in fact they don't

or never did 

Love is a tangible

unmistakable hurtful

lie of your life 

Love can leave one down

in the dumps when

someone rips your


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Write HOPE on your arm!

In the recent storms and typhoons, I heard advice from US police to people not evacuating to write theirnames on their arms as it might be the only way to identify them.  This somewhat brutal advice inspiredthe following rather apocalyptic poem - if you look closely I hope you can find a message of hope! 


Run for the Hills


Write your name upon your arm,

On your sleeve tattoo you...

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The Attack

The Attack


You mentally crowd

my deepest thoughts at daylight

my wild imaginings when hours are unholy

until the daring fantasies of the night


You emotionally make

my heart throb

aching to an utmost degree

its every beat

longing for your warmth

to calm its pulsating heat


You are present

in evert corner of my mortality


You have conquered my...

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September is for lovers

September is for lovers, I find comfort in the covers cuddled up next to you, maybe too much so because sometimes I even drool, dancing on the couch and watching tv, I love the way you lay your eyes on me, holding hands and taking walks, you're always laughing at my mismatched socks, with you I know I will always feel good enough.

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Dress a Woman With Your Love

Dress a woman into your love

She’ll fly in the sky like a dove.

Tell that her dress is beautiful and nice,

And look at her with bewitching eyes.

Dress a woman into your love

She will look so pretty in it.

Let her heart really understand:

She must know you don’t pretend.

Let her bathe in your love,

Let her hear: you are my dove!

Let her beautiful eyes shine

Cause y...

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We are at war


We are at war 

and I should not be calm.

We are on the battleground 

Holding our castles 

and guarding our rights and riches.


We, you and me, are at war my love 

And I should not find peace.



You and I built the bridges and burnt the forests 

You and I conquered the mounts and rode the vales

You and I ploughed the ...

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Art of my dreams

You are the art of my dreams. 

The muse of my thoughts 

and the sweetness of my soul. 

a gentle aura surrounding mine 

sending messages through the skin and bone 

what a funny way to live, 

what a peaceful time 

to be alive. 

to dare what is romance between the reality of life and visions

to desire not only a life 

but two paths in one.

-G. N. D. 

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Forbidden Fruit

You don’t know what it’s like

to care for someone, the way I do you.

You don’t know what it’s like,

Being around the forbidden fruit.

You don’t know what it’s like,

to look like a genuine fool.

You don’t know what it’s like,

to be in love with you.

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Best Friend

You were the Earth,

and I was the moon.

You were my world,

but I was just your satellite.


The dark spots in my face were scars

from catching and stealing

the sun's light

so I could brighten you up

during your darkest hours.

I spent my time revolving

around you so I could fix you,

but you couldn't see me

because you were too busy

chasing the sun.

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Love's Expounded Complexities

Love is a noun

                  in the need of finding it,

                  once found, a verb.


                  Love is a beast

                  so wild

                  haunting on its prey.


                  Love is a drug

                  leading to addiction.


                  Love is a novel

                  starting at prologue,


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I Love Thee

                    I love thee

                    for thine mortality

                    a personage ever so enticing

                    an imagery of passion


                    I love thee

                    that know no doubts

                    or any monstrosities

                    as thy love for thee

                    is breathing of each day,


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Clever love

Just for fun...


Can someone, somehow, kindly please explain

How I can fall in love with someone’s brain?


Pure eye candy you certainly are not

It’s not your looks that make me feel quite hot

Your mind distills great learning with such ease

It makes me feel quite weak around the knees

Your words of wisdom bring such clarity

You open up my mind and set it free.



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