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Abdul Ahmad on Imagination running wild (1 hour ago)

Shifa Maqba on Self-Romance (2 hours ago)

The short stories we wrote 

With the best of intentions

Have restaged our ending

Intervened with the truth

We rehearsed our roles

And recounted with patience

Of my brief co-existence

Disappearing proof


Why would memory fail

Why would time have no meaning

When its healing has let me

Grow two lives into one

Our story is frail

Its last breath is beginning


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Also by C Banning:

(untitled) | (untitled) | (untitled) | (untitled) | (untitled) | (untitled) |

closeted struggle

closeted struggle


in the war against stuff 

we’ve lost a lot of ground 


(the poetry anthology 

doesn’t count)


three boxes came yesterday 

with nowhere to go 


that was six square feet 

excluding the cardboard


your retail therapy 

has been put on hold 


after six consecutive trips 

to the large parcel window


the post office all...

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

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USA Economics

Money is a lie that the government owes you
Sit there and listen to all the bullshit that they tell you
It's a shame when the lies become the truth 
So what's use the youth to get them high
Just for rich can a diet them 
Into a prison that doesn't love them

We live in a government that citizens isn't loved
So blame it on the poor and the welfare checks
Then go brag about your bread but y...

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Breath of a Phoenix

The breath of a phoenix,

Grainular and coarse,

I feel the memory of sand beneath my fingers.


They watch me walk in and around that little lake,

The shadowed ends to this stick,

Creating shapes on a tree.


Marks of the dead and living,

Around the edge of the earth,

Sitting side by side.


Don’t watch me when I fell,

When I tripped during the fall,

My kne...

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Also by Alita Moore:

Broken knees | The Drapes |


I thought it would be easy
I thought I could do it
Always wanted to live in the moment
But didn't realize these would end up to be so important
Never wanted to accept what the future holds
Never wanted the pages to unfold
Always wanted to go with the flow
But now I'm scared, it might lose the glow..

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Also by Deepika Sehwag:

Fate.. |


Her name is Gizelle and it is her first day at school.

She shrieks, she screams, she doesn't want to stay.

Yesterday she was a baby girl but today she is a little schoolgirl

And she cannot handle it.

Her shrieks echo all around the room.

Her mother helpless and embarrassed, saying how much Gizelle had wanted to come to school.

I lift the little girl, her body is clammy and trembl...

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Also by Hannah Collins:

Bowie's Back | The Free Concert | The Parc de la Villette |

Closed For Keeps



The ghosts of poets

roam the streets

in venues past

they used to meet


Up went the rent

it got too steep

all venues shuttered

closed for keeps


High rise apartments

crammed the streets

and poets shuddered

in defeat


All poets gone

hit alt delete

they don't belong

now closed for keeps.



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Never a Broken Spirit

Never a Broken Spirit


This ageing frame enfolds a spirit undiminished

aching joints, the realisation of age do not vanquish my desire

My appetite, my zest for life has not lost its ardour

a creative spirit pervades my need to express


I am not resigned nor will conform to life´s limitations

my stature suffers no erosion from the elements

A glance in a mirror is a port...

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Also by keith jeffries:

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First-Born, Second-Best

Sent off to school and warmly dressed,

They said they loved him but they lied.

He was first-born, but second-best;

A sister came, pushed him aside.


He tried his best, worked very hard,

They never noticed what he did;

Became reclusive, quiet, scarred,

They never sought him when he hid.


He was a sad and lonely boy,

While she had laughter in her life;

He watche...

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Also by Trevor Alexander:

Pi | Banned | Hyperbole | Overweight | Seasons Haiku | Lamborghini | Silhouette |


What if I'm not good enough?

What if one day they realizes they're better then me and go to somone else.

I know its early, and I shouldnt stress over it, but anxiety is real, and sometimes you listen.

Yet when this happens you must remember, everyhing happens for a reason. 

They like you. They care for you.

Focus on now, not if.

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inspirationalLovelove poemlove poetrywhat if

time well spent


the scars you wear 

emblazoned upon your heart 

push you forward, yet drag the weight

of trouble seen

in ladybug red

galloping to freedom

storm clouds crying

on the detour around the dead

we all are drowning

even when it's dry

raging scenery dancing in the mirror 

time is an illusion to no one 

fractions of love

never added to much of anything


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Also by Prikcab:

twisted lines | Locator | Alone together |


The brain has limits 
but the mind is a freeway. 
I need the three 
like I need the tree. 
There's a constant burn 
inside of me. 
Time is not my own 
and I'm losing my soul 
to this open black hole. 
I carry it inside 
the flame like a glow 
flickers constant to and fro. 
The core is black 
and I long for the blue. 

I don't want the mud. 
I just want to be good, 
to give the lov...

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Also by MyDystopiA:

Static | Tip Tap | Between | Ayay | Fickle |

What were they like?

They were the deciding factor

Of a good or bad day

Of whether I was okay

If we were okay


They could change my mood

Stop me in my tracks

Jumble my mind

Blind me from the truth


Like heroin

I was their addict

Ephemeral pleasure

Everlasting poison


By the end

I was weak


Stripped of all identity


And they appeared

In my dreams


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closureExeslost loveMoving forwardmoving on

Embrace Solitude

Embracing my solitude 

and the peace it brings

not a text 

not a phone rings

it’s not so bad

having a peace of mind 

a calmness overwhelms

how useful my time

i listen

God speaks 

it is solitude

i heal

it is solitude 

i begin to feel

not a heartache 

not pain

for once I feel



                Everything above

i am lif...

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Also by MsUnLuv:

Unrequited Love | When My Love Died Today |

Because the Night....

entry picture


The New York Dolls with their wicked innovation

Gender on a bender, so no more hesitation.

Galileo, Newton, the republic of the mind,

Seeing is believing, so tumble into  line.

One dusky-dusty-time-consuming evening long ago

The empirical method was revealed by the melting of the snow:   

Time’s fatal munificence, the old ebb and flow

There's a long gestation

In th...

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Also by John E Marks:

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entry picture


Love isn't easy to do 

Love can be a nightmare

that follows you

throughout your life 

Love can rip your heart

apart if you trust in

someone who says or

claims that they love you

when in fact they don't

or never did 

Love is a tangible

unmistakable hurtful

lie of your life 

Love can leave one down

in the dumps when

someone rips your


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lifeloveOne_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer/Tina Gloverpoempoetrystoriesthinking out loudTina Gloverwriting out loud

Scorched Skies

entry picture

Scorched skies and the ground littered with
The detritus of a careless society
Broken buildings and rivers poisoned with
The sickening pollution of a thoughtless culture
The wind screaming endlessly like banshees
Howling the fall of man
Empty lives staring hopelessly at pointless 
Tablets in their hands
Desperately seeking meaning to a forgotten plan
Isolationists implore from TV screens ...

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Also by Stuart Clark:

What’s The Worst That Can Happen? |

Eva Peron's M.O.T. failure

entry picture




( She steps up to the mic to do another version of don't cry for me Argentina )


I cry for my old Ford Cortina

the truth is it didn't pass its 'testing'

floor too badly rusted

wipers missing

shock absorbers busted

radiator hissing


I suppose it was going to happen

but now I feel strange

no longer behind...

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Also by Rose Casserley:

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Write HOPE on your arm!

In the recent storms and typhoons, I heard advice from US police to people not evacuating to write theirnames on their arms as it might be the only way to identify them.  This somewhat brutal advice inspiredthe following rather apocalyptic poem - if you look closely I hope you can find a message of hope! 


Run for the Hills


Write your name upon your arm,

On your sleeve tattoo you...

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Also by mike booth:

Super Love? |



The clock strikes midnight, 

but I don’t see it.

I am too busy inside of my own world to care. 

The clock takes me all the way to around two in the morning. 

But i still do not care. 

The connections to the real world are 

just too hard to put down. 

I feel filled, 

Yet still empty. 

I feel joy, 

but hollow sadness at the same time. 

I am reflecting on the things I...

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Also by Elle Shaine:

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Naughtiness Unnoticed

entry picture

Naughtiness Unnoticed


I have been asked to write a poem on children.  Here is my contribution.


How can I write a poem

About a naughty boy ?

When I was good, so helpful

My mother's pride and joy


It seems I have inherited

My mother's be-nice genes

Transferred them to my daughters

No naughtiness have I seen

I coasted along quite nonchalantly


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Also by Don Matthews:

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Saturday Rhymers Club

Message from a 7-year-old

Preamble: In honour of this week's Rhymers' theme "children", here is a poem written in collaboration with my 7-year-old son.

Some people say they don’t like children

But they are wrong.

We aren’t the ones dropping the bombs.

We aren’t the ones firing the guns.

Children don’t kill other children.


The guy on the ground, he’s just doing as he’s told

The job that he’s paid f...

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Also by Becky Who:

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childrenSaturday funSaturday Rhymers ClubSRC


Liebe … liebe ist ein Gefühl und Emotion, Sympathie und Begierde, es gibt sie sogar bei Tiere, ich find’s interessant zu sehen wie sich Menschen finden, die vermeintlich zusammengehören, ich habe schon viel erleben dürfen in der Liebe, es gibt kein schöneres Gefühl und dennoch verflucht man sie.

In der Neuzeit glaubt jeder alles zu wissen, insbesondere beim Online Dating und dem Posing. So Frag...

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Maleficent on Steroids

I am the Destructive Force

the eruption that leaves you lost 

for words


I am the bursting forth

of the trauma you buried decades ago

that brings you to your knees


I am the seemingly endless pain

that makes you wish for death

that you may never again fear it


I am Maleficent on steroids

your worst fears realised


I am the knocking down, brutally, 


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Children can be a pleasure,

They can also be a pain;

Spare me the kids at leisure

In a train or on a plane!


They can be little angels,

Or the Devil's own sown brood;

Charming and disarming,

Or incorrigibly rude.


An old adage has just occurred

And refers to the typical brat -

Children should be seen...but not heard -

And I'll say amen to that!


I he...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:



Economics are arithmetical facts:

and history an interpretative smear.

Some historians blend

(with aims to offend)

those texts through conjecture

the results are a spectre

of what should be made solid and clear.

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

Monsoon wind | My |


One is, bewildered, left upright under the sun
while the other, speechless, slipped faraway for shade.

Now those pretty bands making sense of this dumb rock
lead down, like steps, the one who will not leave.

One set in his ways in this age of the critic
reliving the days when poems built up in praise.

Pretty the bands of rock, pretty the rings of trees
pretty your crumbling steps, can...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

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Still Here

Still Here


Raise your glasses cunning foes!

Behold your triumph and cheer!

The folk are down, who will not flee

will bend the knee in fear.

My neck is broken, wounds are sore

You’ve almost won the war!

So drink a toast and raise your glasses,

brag and mock and sneer!

At dawn when the golden hour passes,

I will still be here.


(written on October the 15th, ...

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Also by Mae Foreman:

Y | I can tolerate Death |

Late September Morn

I, dreamlost,


to golden leaves of beech


from my bed

as airdew clouds over the hedge

rise and vanish

as the eastern horizon above the valley

is lost, sunk

beneath dawndrifts of mist

not yet warmed to fade

beneath the clear blue sky;

the uncut grass of the dew-wet lawn,

droplet bent:

cool promise as

I, barefooted,


the cusp of the...

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Also by Chris Armstrong:

#BeMoreSnail #Brighton | The wave behind the wave | Lunar | Sky | Epiphany in the Early Morning | Early Autumn Lake | The Invitation |


How Do Girls Pee?

I was visiting Mum for a week.

Always a delight for candid chat

Over a few quiet days

And the diverse 'drop-ins'

We both enjoyed so much.


One afternoon a favourite cousin called by

For coffee and cake.

In his fifties now – a fine looking chap

With the same twisted grin

I liked so well from childhood.


After some general conversation

He set down his cup


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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

Never trust a lover who ..... | I Wonder If |


New Mills Festival

uplifting poetic voices

creative energy displayed

inspiration powers rhyme

drifting at first

then they remain.

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Also by Nigel Astell:

Insanity Comes Calling |

Every shop had a poem inside them

Too much to fix

I still loved you but I walked away.
I know you still love me, but I'm not comming back.
You still try to reach me, I know you do.
Every text you send I read, never ending your silent plead.

I know you're hurting I'm too,
but I know I can't be with you.
You were my everything I hope you know.
now I can't give you roses of red colour.

I was hurting, my heart was bleeding,
I didn't let ...

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Also by Dee:

Shame of world | Without you | Unrequited |

Being brokenbreak uplost loveunrequited love


entry picture

The place where she can`t be happy enough

Racing like a rat to reach her destination is really tough..

This place gives her nothing but depression

Full of fake people roaming around..

Everybody is busy making an impression

And she feels like she is nowhere to be found..

She cried alone and wipe her tears in the middle of the night..

Thinking of where life has pushed her away i...

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i dont like me

i dont like me anymore,

i can see how much i hurt you but i wont put my guard down,

i know i should say sorry but its your fault and im stuborn, 

i know i should love you but i dont.

it used to be diffrent, i loved you when you put your phone down,

when you cared about my day,

when you told me"elise is another day tomorrow, dont cry my love",

now, you are so invested in your p...

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a letter to my son--for now...

I never meant when I came here

for my feet to be set into concrete--

I hope that you will soon come to understand what that means.

I hope that you will be always aware that

when you come to what seems an end

the higher man within your heart demands you

muster whatever means of change you can

to move the world as it sits upon your shoulders

if only to find the relief of a sh...

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Also by nunya:

upon pondering some of the various conditions which might be judged as normal |


entry picture

I stood and watched
As her hair did blow, 
Like branches dancing 
in the wind.

Her eyes left frozen
in an empty stare, 
Leaked fond memories of the
love that once lived there.

No place left for her love to grow. 
She stagnates, even in her dreams. 
Her life stiffened,
like the roots buried deep beneath the one family tree.


The season pass.
The colours change, her hair f...

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The Attack

The Attack


You mentally crowd

my deepest thoughts at daylight

my wild imaginings when hours are unholy

until the daring fantasies of the night


You emotionally make

my heart throb

aching to an utmost degree

its every beat

longing for your warmth

to calm its pulsating heat


You are present

in evert corner of my mortality


You have conquered my...

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Also by poetic_muse:

WHISPER | Bodily Notions | Confusion of Promises on a Blurry Canvas | Love's Expounded Complexities | DRUGGED | I Love Thee |



I had a dream that I could fly.

I soared up on wings made of paper

and feathers of ink,

and sky-wheeled with eagles and doves.

They saw me for a fraud

but embraced me all the same,


until I woke up,

and fell from the sky.

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I wasn't upset at the funeral today,

my cup already full of misery.

Death shouldn't be a matter of numbers,

but they were clocking up

in familiar places,

with unspoken duties of sadness.


The last one was different

which I couldn't attend

nursing my shocked and tender heart,

but families are full of expectation

and familiar strangers,

so this time it didn't cou...

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Also by ray pool:


A Long Life

Would you choose a long life
  of perennial good health
  and perpetual leisure,
Or one breathtakingly short,
  punctuated by grief,
  but drawn in the lines
   and brushstrokes
  of an artist?

The choice was made already,
  long before you had a chance
  to contemplate the possibilities.

So surrender nothing,
  not even a moment
  of what can be forgiven.

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Drugged up and homeless in Manchester yesterday

Cross -legged he stumbled ,the sight was not nice,

Heavily drugged up with the danger drug spice,

Stumbling through the city centre mumbling to himself.

His body slowly crumbling on a death shelf.

Thumps down on a bench ,his body bent,

Transmiting through the air a terrible scent.

A young girl sat there reading a book,

"Will you marry me tomorrow?"as he gave her a look.


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Also by hugh:

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Can You Imagine

Can you Imagine what it’s like to be raped at thirteen . No one to tell . No one to believe you . No one to care how you feel . No one around to support you . Things have not changed . Peoples minds have not changed . Authorities only care when Challanged . Ush Ush don’t rock the boat . Challanged to feel no pain . Money is the root of all evils . If you can’t pay you have no say . And no one care...

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Also by Wendy Higson:

Oh dear? Oh dear? | Excuses | The UKIP Leaders Interview | Before A Storm | Where Is The Shame | Poor Donald | One Hundred Years On | How Far Can One Go | A lifetime Of Following My Instinct |


How many dark places

have I been


Has there been too many


Did I die?


My heart feels so heavy

will I let you hold it


will I let you have it


I want to


The tears choke me

they stop my breath


Did I die?


God I hope not


I want to accept 

the new life

ahead of me


I want to embrace it






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Also by lynn hahn:


I'm Sorry and I love you

I'm so sorry,

I love you so so much,

I think about you all the time,

I miss your smile,

I miss your jokes,

I miss your hugs,

I miss so much more about you than I could possibly write,

I know I messed up so many times,

I know I'm to blame,

I ask myself why your face haunts me at night,

But I know why,

I replay our memories together a lot,

When I see something tha...

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entry picture

(Inspired by a question my neice asked at a recent family barbecue, "What would be the hardest thing for you to give up if the doctor told you you had to?")


My dietary appointment’s making me a nervous wreck,

It follows consequentially a previous health check.

The nurse will give me diet sheets with foods she will proscribe,

The list will be exhaustive and with drinks I can’t imbi...

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Also by John Coopey:



entry picture

I remember the sun;

the sun was important,

although all the art was inside

and in perfect pride of place,

skirting the walls

and planted in rows.

My feet young, but the air old,

and moss overgrown on

the war memorial outside.


True, you need light for shade,

a chiaroscuro, and

a half-full glass raised.

The place is almost silent

with must, damp, old coins...

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why is it that sometimes we


and sometimes we fly.

we hit the cold earth or the stars in the sky.

the wind blows through our hair

or it knocks us flat.

we sink into our soft beds then we slide through the slats.

i often stop and wonder that and

if the middle ground were not locked and off limits

i would try and enter and dwell within it.


flowers grow then flo...

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Also by Clara:

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Let's talk,
What we didn`t try for all these years
 for all these tears
Tell me what you like
Tell me why I can`t erase scars,
Daydreams comes and goes, nightmares howl,
shadows of us all over the places..
so many unknowns knock comes and goes ,
my body growled for the lingering touch, the scent.......
A knock, a loud one this time..
my fingers hovering in the keypad, 
m scared, 
my bo...

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Love, ME

I came across a picture of you today. 

With eyes as big as the stars, and as dark as the night sky. 

At one point in my life, you knew me better then everyone else. 

I have created a goal to carry your silver lining around my heart until I feel as though I made you smile at every one of my accomplishments. 

I am sure I have made you frown more times then I can imagine. 

Whether it b...

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