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The Fifth Element

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She is fire,
Get close and she will melt your heart,
The light in your darkest hour 
But play with her and you'll get burnt.


She is earth,
Her roots rich with self-love and worth, 
The natural evolution females seek
But mess with her nature, she'll bring forth her seismic wrath. 


She is air,
Free and not confined,
Moves like the wind and her path knows no limits
But pushed...

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elementsfeminismlaw of naturenatural disastersnaturephysics

Judging the Judge

Mark Judge knows the judge,
Maybe a bit too well,
The judge wants Judge to fudge,
But in time truth will tell.

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FeminismKavanaughMark JudgeSupreme Court

You shouldn’t make it up

Of the man who maintained 

That women should refrain

From applying their make-up on a moving train.


I ask where is your brain?

And how dare you complain?

And does your arrogance stem from a taste for cocaine?


You’re archaic forsooth

Sickening #metoo my back tooth 

So yeah, you’re about to get burnt by the fire in this booth.


You claim that she’s uncouth


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Breaking Newscurrent eventsfeminismmakeupNewstorypoliticstrain

I am not locked up, I am the lock.

I am keeping a secret with myself

for myself,

clutching it within like a bird’s claw,

the carrier pigeons have been shot,

guess I forgot to warn the men with rifles,

suppose it wasn’t a clay pigeon after all.

My mouth is a gold crested envelope,

my lips are licked with wax:

they are an inked kiss,

the pout is the stamp,

my mind is the scroll:

bound and bound,


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behind the maskfeminismhiddeninternalpowerfulprivacysecretstrongword play

Lioness Laura

Dedicated,  without her knowledge or permission, to Laura Taylor, who gave me the desire to write and perform and the kick up the arse to actually do so.

Lioness Laura (Waitrose staff room Jun '18)

Lioness Laura, she Roars

Fury and Rage fly off the page

Venom and Grit, Bile and Spit

She's a voice of a certain age


Lioness Laura, she Purrs

with Mercy and Charm, Beguiling a...

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Be a Good Girl

Dilute your pant suits,

grow out that cropped hair,

season your long words,

make your language edible -

That's it, baby, be delicious!

By smearing cherry lip gloss on that big mouth of yours,

Hunny, where's the honey on your pale skin?

Why don't you smile more?

You know, that's what we hired your for...

To bring customers in!

I'm talking to you, hey!

Darling! Doll ...

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When will I start living my life?

Tomorrow? Tuesday? 


When will I be a size 8?

Have Double Ds

Have boys falling over me

Have an arse as big as Kylie's


When will my Prince arrive?

In Air Max and some Adidas

Or if I'm lucky, he might even kiss me

Take me home, then leave me


Unsatisfied and alone

It's all experience though


Only then will I be ha...

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What I Never Told My Students About Descartes

When teaching Descartes, I dutifully described his dualism in detail.

 I discussed his importance as the father of modernism,

But also his common ground with scholasticism.


Together we examined the ways he attempted to prove God

And the reliability of both mathematics and his own senses.

Also, some biographical information including his early education,

Military service, tra...

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A WoMANs world

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I know it's her fault,

shouldn't of worn that short skirt.

You can't make out her words,

because she speaks slurred. 

They're antithetical to her actions, 

you think of your own self satisfaction:

"I'll take her no for a yes

because I know what's best."

Desires override your humanity, 

whispering in her ears profanities.

You go against her wishes,

stain her purity ...

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Feminism: A talk about it

Most of the male chauvinist members of society may assume this blog post is about how feminism is better at improving society and how it is the savior of the society. This blog post is not to discuss advantages and disadvantages of feminism, but it is to introspect on whether it is effective enough or more than effective.

Feminism is quite a challenging word for those male chauvinist people as th...

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I like how this looks on you 



You wear it 




I won't lie, I'm enjoying this 

You can't seem to comprehend how I 

a woman 

a girl 

will fight back


How I am more than blood, sweat and tears

I am jubilations


and festivals in this body 


I was birthed by a goddess 

I did not fall onto this E...

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feminismfighting backpowerprotectionrape

Do you hear me now?

You look at me and forget

I was strong before I was pretty 


You disregard my mind in hopes that my heart is a path leading you to my body and briefly

I regret to have met you, you see my eyes before you hear my voice


For you have already forgotten the first rule; I am strong 


So when I love, I love strongly

And when I hurt, I hurt badly 


But when I scream, ...

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Tonight I realized its not up to you to decide me.
Its not my job to initiate conversation,
Its not my requirement to put on more makeup,
You don't get to decide what shirts you think look good on me.

Tonight I realized its not my place to lower myself to you.
I don't have to make sure you're satisfied,
I don't need to stop what I'm doing to answer to you.
There's only one of me, and ther...

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Body Parts

Loop the loop

Pull that knot

Attach my button eyes,

See me




Nod, my Jack in a box head

Bound to a neck of copper springs

Let me sing




My floating foam hands,

Kick my Pinocchio legs


Dance –Dance- Dance


Tiny crippled plastic feet.

I am alive



Do you think I am beautiful?

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body imagefeminismwomen

Must Try Harder

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Playing Thin, Thin and Loose

Notch in my bedspot

Hush Down

I carry you around tonight

Those things I never told you

No matter the lonely hope

Nobody to remind us of humanity

Starting small

We might kiss

In that way people kiss whilst awaiting

Hush down

I did it again

Fucking hatred from pore to bone

I can erase you with one more fuck

Your face a memory which each thrust

Your voice a...

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confessional poetryfeminismhateloveSex

Tips for my Daughter, How not to get raped, pt1

There is a time to please, to appease, to apologise

For the tease, for existence

To apologise for the breasts, and the audacity

To want ownership, to be landed gentry of the manger

To pray less than politely for a lack of invitation from

The testosterone laden entitlement

When you trust him, the deceit still sits

In that firm space between gender specifications and stereot...

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angerconfessional poetryfeminismloveparentingpoetry

When I lie.

There is me...lying.
Not lying like you say.
Lying on the floor, lying like I say.
Begging, weeping, asking.
You carnival figure, you.
You war hero, you.
You champion, you.
One leg propped upon my stomach.
Where are your gold stamps, your badges, your medals?
The trophy you stand on is all battered.
You have laid me out on the floor, the doormat
Withholding the welcome sign.
You roll m...

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A Poem A Day For A Year - 16/01/15

I’m starting today with a controversial thought.

I do not agree with feminism. Now I’m fully aware that may put some of you against me right from the start of this but let me explain (and this is my own actual thoughts on the matter, as possibly ill-informed as they are.) I agree with the aims of feminism. To put women on the deserved same platform as men. To have an equal chance of getting gre...

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I Miss You

Hello there,

Angel from my nightmares.

Devil from my dreams

a grey spirit that weaves

its way through my existence.

What a Dementor does to souls

or a Dalek to a human heart.


Even a superhuman heart

can break.


Just ask Logan,

a force so strong

a returning phoenix

could not reignite remnants.


I miss you.

Whatever you ...

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Equally bad (AKA Rantings of an antisexist man in a post-feminist world)

I may be a mister,
But sisters don’t get pissed yeah when I say in fact - I, am a feminist.
There seems to me to be a need for us to celebrate and debate the culture of nurture over greed,
Which appears an instinctively natural part of so many a female’s nature.
Maybe its origins historically are biological,
Isn’t it simple, obvious and logical,
That of the human races pair of parental par...

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