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The latter of the two

This is short and to the point.


no the Earth.

The Earth has given you two choices:

The first being as a scorpion trapped in the deceptive tangles of a well made web, a lemming in man's cycle of destruction, of both the mind and the physical.

The second being as a frog, cherishing the habitation and nourishment received by the lily pad that springs forth of the moist bed, allow...

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To the Waves and to the Sun

entry picture

You have always been my favorite,

The moment you reach the shore,

With every move you make,

To touch the sand,

Where I wait,

With every sound of splash,

To heal my soul,

Where I am.


You have always bewitched me,

The moment you creep towards the sky,

With every climb above the clouds,

To cast reflection,

Where I am,

With every ray you set free,

To reac...

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She shimmers gold as barley

hands firm on trembling thighs 

in landscapes insignificant

where painted memories dry


the meadow fills all senses

where they’d laid the grass pressed down

her soft wrists under palms

flesh opened like a silken gown


stretching low he holds the earth

like god made mortal now comes pain

and as the memory faded then

it flows ...

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The Swan Effect

The Swan Effect                                                                                                                                          Your slender neck and wings so clean

Graceful movement, so serene,

The purest feathers which you preen

Are what attracts the eye.


Curves and power, gliding slow,

Majestic as a river flow

Sleek and gently strong you go


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Roaming amongst the giants

entry picture

Roaming amongst the giants -
Sooth your mind when you lay next to me.
Trust upon your senses when you roam amongst my white giants. 
Taste, when you take in my fruits. 
Listen, when you hear me whispering.
Feel, when the lake gravitates up on you. 
Watch, and see your spirit transcend away. 
Smell, can you detect my presence?

In my kingdom.
Everything is redefined,
Even time

And i c...

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Running Power


I feel



Heart whipping the veins

Legs pounding

Lungs heaving

Breath chugging

Muscles relieving

And I'm accelarating faster

And faster

And faster

Till I beat the wind

My legs a blur


My legs will tire

But my spirit flies


And free

Like the wind

With a whoosh



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An archer of the woods

I am an artist of words,
an archer of the woods. 
A constellation of the brightest stars.
An adventurous being,
with dreams that follow the galaxies. 
I seek only wonders,
I seek only peace.
Not mistake me as an ordinary piece. 
My arrow strikes in the souls of others.
It does not have an aim but it follows,
it stays inside like a deep wound. 
It does not break, it just gets stuck. 

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entry picture


On Tweseldown 

quiet fills the bracken air

heavy horses graze 

once burnished cannons rust


fiery barrels muffled 

with thick crimean fur

that hurled ten thousand epitaphs 

and turned young men to dust 


The gorse is firm and unimpressed 

by leather boot or track

the subalterns who charged here 

are never coming back


they disappeared in flashes...

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ChangeNatureNo change

Poetry mix


Time goes on

The world does too

Our Nature grows and dies

Our technology expands and flies

We manifest and destroy

To make ends meet

Even with passing days

We forget about the increasing heat

Or the decreasing ice sheets

Nothing seems important

To global tyrants and corporations

But money and power

At the cost of decreasing our showers

We accept it whic...

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entry picture


It was a pretty little bird-box

he nailed against the wall,

sometime in bleakest February

before the Skylarks early call. 


Pale blue in colour

a small perch for tiny feet,

he hoped that waking choruses

might serenade the sleepy street.


And his wife who loved his spirit

had watched him secretly from their room,

and wondered if the migrant birds

might ...

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All this indulgence in spring

the obsession with beginnings,

green chutes sprout through those trod in 

when GAIA takes her winnings.


With false hope we hope

the cycle might shift the mass,

we mythologise the coming life

the bluebells in the grass.


The lambs so sweet and tender

but our cruel hearts don't miss a beat,

their chance of life is slender


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Rhythm (The Schumann resonance)

entry picture


Isn't it just like man

to alter clocks 

to fit his plan


While Sun and Moon

that know no time

are synchronized to natures rhyme


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We burn

entry picture


Pylons, like join the dots for god,

stepping metalled tiptoes 

over pond life and through the sod.


Linkedin for power sharing

tentacles course through walls,

they keep us warm and sheltered

they light our civic halls


Their younger care-free siblings

look down on them from high,

while out at sea unseen others 

wave as ships pass by.


And higher st...

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Two bird poems

Heron Taking Flight


Rickety, this ruckle

of struts and ragged canvas,

a collapsing tent

of awkwardness

unmade by the earth,

by degrees cranks into

its one true element:

slipping tethers

into air.



Preliminary Findings


Preliminary findings

suggest a probable

leakage of fuel

before the tank exploded.

(Cockpit not located

at th...

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A warm welcome ...

Hi Everyone,

The Isles of Scilly are a jumble of granite scraps thrown down twenty-eight miles west from the coast of Cornwall. Five of them offer shelter and a living for some one and a half-thousand people. Needless to say, for a community that sits permanently in the eye of Atlantic storms through the winter, and basks in beautiful, temperate Gulf Stream-fed summers, there is no shortage of ...

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Winter's Wolf

The sharp-toothed skirmisher of January past

passes its knives by her cheeks;

the hillside heralds its shredded brown visage,

winter’s wolf howls the bitter conquest of the moors.


The season of concealing crowns and faces,

of cautious feet across the maze of wilted souls

to reach the lone tree, grey lightning petrified in time.

Frozen into the bark are age and time.



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