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Patience (September '17)

i am never one to say ‘i was only kidding’

i am the type who experiences guilt

physical and mental

never mad at those who snap at me

deservedly so


patience is something that i need

so please

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The messages

What words have passed

What said

What read

What meaning cast?


What recall flows

What thought

What tort

What grievance shows?


What edge is crossed

What line

What sign

What friendship lost?


What nightmare grown

What meme

What seam

What darkness sown?


What text is read

What hyped

What typed

What despair fed?


What lov...

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Your words are hollow, 
your words I swallow, 
time and time again 
even after 
action did not follow, 

I still swallowed 
and in return 
every piece I gave, 
my soul, my heart, 
my disturbing brain 

and you just left me 
standing in the rain 
carrying my pain 
so dismayed I caved 
into shame. 

The rage a blunt stain 
upon the page.


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Angeremotional painshame

I Lied


I have lied for so long I cant remember the truth,

Even though this is something I should,

I have lied for so long it has become my norm,

But when the lies are exposed, it will be a man-made storm.


I have lied to the very people I pretend to be close too,

Only for me to fool them all,

I feel I have been betrayed by the very people that love me,

However after all this...

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