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Crocodile Tears

Snatched innocence makes headline news

The community rallies in search of clues

The caretaker seems keen

Eager to impress

His girlfriend holds a card close to her chest

Hopes... concerns... it’s all a pretence

Only he speaks of innocence in the past tense


Before the press with family members

He looks to the left as he tries to remember

Her final sighting, how things...

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Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #6 {His Rhythm}

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{Diary Of The Southern Queen Entry #6} {His Rhythm} 




His rhythm of

his songs played

like the sickest

twisted dead of a

deafening whistling 

whisper's through

the cold northern

lights that only

the animals could

hear that kept

them howling

by the bay from the

amusement of his

meaningless song

that continues to

play his sickened


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I Did Once Love Him

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{I Did Once Love Him} 


It seems like a million year's ago now that I did love him but the everescents of his memory lingers with me today the 💓 heartache never seems to disappear from my world as this isn't what I expected in the end but I guess it wasn't never a guaranteed any more than he gave me which was nothing but endless heartaches and in the end it was a bad hurtful dream that is s...

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Ignorance is bliss

So I guess that they've imprisoned us into this predetermined preposition 

When the truth is there so blatantly but we can't help but not to listen 

Because ignorance is bliss so we'll stay blissfully unaware 

As to the GMO's in all our food and the geo engineering in the air 

I suppose we'll go organic and refuse the water from the tap 

What about the metals likened to a subtle che...

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It all felt like it happened yesterday

When you and I finally stayed away

I love you is an empty word we say

When we have no intention to stay


We never stopped trying

Keeping us from hurting 

More than what is intended

From all the past lies

Beneath our shaking hands and hidden scars

Of broken promises and empty vows

Loaded guns that fires the bullet

To the st...

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Big Brother TV

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Everything watered down as to not offend
There's no relationship you need to mend
WHen you've got the tv as a friend
Taking comfort in Big Brother once again
Your day feels like the one before
Sick of all your slavery chores
Throw everything down on the floor
To find out celebrity whispers behind closed doors
The A to Z of who's banging who
The story of the latest murder on the news
A zi...

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brain washedcelebrityCelebrity Big Brothercensorshipdumbed downliespolitically correctpoliticspure evilTV culture

True Face

The mask has fallen.

Like glass it has shattered into tiny pieces,

Never to be repaired again.

Every piece representing a lie behind the truth,

A secret that was thought to be better off hidden.


True light revealed itself today.

Shining bright like never before,

Exposing all the darkness nearby.

The shadows disappeared,

The ghosts all fled,

Yet you showed your fa...

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GlassLiesMaskTrue faceYin and Yang

Lie & Run

In this world, it's sometimes better to be lied to, than the truth,

When I am flying high, the truth to me is a total lie,

It makes no difference if I was to live in the world that is full of truth

When I am manic and free, I am advised by people

I should take medication and they become all forgetful,

When I manic I see more clearly,

Yes the people who love me, just want to break...

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are you running from lovecheat. lielies

Adagio of the Heart

I went to an extraordinary exhibition last year called "Spirit of Anzac" which was touring all over Australia. It came closer than anything I've seen in capturing the daily experiences of those who fought, and died, in the First World War, and especially in trench warfare on the Western Front. I have tried to express something of that experience, as I understand it.


Adagio of the Heart


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Hide the Evidence of the Crime Scene

Darling, you hide the evidence of the crime scene,

where there once existed love. 

You break the love letters, burn down the memories, 

and bury them deep down in lies.


Yet, we all know it's you who is to blame for the body, 

that rests cold and lifeless inside.

So hide the evidence, hide it for good,

but you'll never forget where this love once stood.

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When you lie

When you lie

I smile, I laugh,
Just look at you face..
But in my mind there is only disgrace...

When you lie

I have seen that look,
know your tricks for some time..
Two timing is in your blood.. ur niether his nor mine..

When you lie

Ur angry, U scream..
Voilent some times..
See the lies in your eyes
Ur infidelity they define.

When you lie

You take me for a fool...

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Do you know how these teeth have grazed,

by their receding gums and rot?

can you judge me, and all my days

whether lived, or whether not?


and then account for them

as if its there the answers dwell,

that I should live like you?

or gnash them, back in hell.


I may have lied through them

to bring me to your shore,

for I, a child once

can make that claim no m...

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InjusticeLiesWar child.Refugee

Sweet Little Lies

Like popcorn firing in my brain
A lie was born - I can't explain
My tongue spun out a syrup web
A viscous tide that did not ebb
Sugar sweet and tenderised
From between my teeth, emerged my lies
My lips complied, and did not fail
To add some honey to the tale
Like nectar of the gods, I fear
It trickled into your kind ear
Far too quickly, far too keen

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SOS Abort

I liar, that’s what I am

I roll my dice from in my hand

I sit upon my throne

Forged from pain

broken promises, pretty lies

They’re all the same

traction, I’m unable to gain

I’m slowly slipping into my old ways

I was getting better

Now it’s worse

Every Name I hear, I curse

But hers’

I cannot do that

she is perfect

she is sweet

I lay my life at her feet


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depressionfunhatejokeskindnesslieslovenot serioussoon to be deletedtorture

silently knocking on

silently knocking on


silently knocking on

the door handle turns not

rebuffed the manila envelope

lies on the mat

once more

the phone calls out my name

in newspaper columns

pillars of the community inch forward

reading my mind my eyes close

to the passages of time

i return

like a hitchcock villain 

to the scene of the crime

no idle eyes watch over me


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crimeguilthitchcockhitchcock villainknocking onliesliving a liepassages of timepillars of the communityregretremorsescene of the crimevillainwrongwrong doing


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It cuts deep within,
Its' touch gentle and soft.
It barks and howls,
Its' voice lovely and calm.

Its' thoughts are demeaning,
Its' love unconditional.
Its' presence a weight,
Pride churned in the ridicule.

It beats you to your knees,
But your kneecaps don't agree. 
You stand on your feet,
While the blades stab in deep.

The scars show malformity,
Yet the face shows ever delight.

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When you lit that cigarette

The bones of me shuddered,

The blood in me halted.

What I wouldn’t do for you to light my flame with your lips....


Because I’ve had men tell me that my lipstick tastes of petrol,

That my mouth lights fires,

That my tongue causes explosions

And of course, that opening my legs is the best way to put a fire out.


But this fire begins at you...

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How can a lie

make the whole world cry,

yet they claim there is nothing to see,

where nefarious knaves

and the covetous crave

beneath covers so stealthily, free?


No thought for the plebs

as they weave dangerous webs

in a world already complex,

where the sins of the saints

have done nothing but taint,

confuse, deceive and perplex.


To forgive and forget,


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Blood thief

There’s a floor called race and a home called blood,

it can be what forms you.

It can be what clothes you, what warms you as it flows through your body,

a rich honey providing brotherhood, relation, family and love -

bonds of pride which cartwheel through your body.

I have a mystery and in my father lies the clues.

I had droplets of speciality, uniqueness, distinction, excitement...

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My Beautiful Lie

I hide behind a lie forged by my hand,
Before this chiseled frame,  
Beyond the perfect shell they will not see my deceit
Thrown acrimoniously at their feet.
But they love the lie, the truth would only disappoint;
Disarray their shallow intentions,
After all, my invention pleases them
So why not let them drink up the joy
That it possesses? It impresses their eyes,
How the lies...

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Deadly Nightshade

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Deadly Nightshade


touching you


kissing your neck


your heartbeat


with mine


the grey clouds

on a Tuesday

in September


their leaden















slows to

a strum



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What if the NHS was one of us?

No home, no job, just 12 good friends.

Betrayed by one who swore they never would.

Died too soon for pointless reasons.

What if God the NHS was one of us?

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CameronChristianityConDemConDemNationConservatives put the N into CutsCutsGodGovernmentHealthcareJesusLiesNaPoWriMoNHSQuestionReligionSocialismTories

Mornin' On The Desert

Mornin' on the desert, and the wind is blowin' free,

the elements have freedom,

but what about me?


Trailing from bar to bar

like new age saloons,

why's it so hard

just to find me a home?


I keep on wandering,

wondering where's my milk and honey?

People sippin' on moonshine

or as some call it money.


Mornin' on the desert, and the ...

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She spoke words of nonsense and he nodded accordingly

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Stubborn as he was,

And was he stubborn? Yes.

He didn’t want to pull his

                                                claws in.

Though he knew it for the best.

He picked a poppy,

                              Stole a rose,

And ran laughing all the way home,


       wee wee,


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You’re a girl like no other ’cause of what you are.

It’s not your fault that you got scared,

cry at night or get so lonely in a crowd.

Everyday you ask the same two questions:

Why me? And when will they come for me?

You get flashbacks of blinding pain and flashing strobe lights.

So when the aliens abduct you and you feel it before it happens, you...

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AGY poem




More empty promises from the likes of you agency liars.

Carve up the job market with a promise of work.

Little do we know how you have wrecked this industry.

And it’s all monkey work, I’ve seen a monkey do a better

Job than you! Move brown boxes from A to B in a futile

Effort for a bit of pocket money, no hard cash here.

Empty promises and sugar-coate...

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