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Their fire is not seen for miles;



Silent, but ferocious.


They are brighter than what catches the eye.

They will be able to burn forever.

They just need their match to ignite.




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A Fading Memory

You are the River of Life
Flowing through my adventure
Breathing fresh life into this weary body
And I'm whining...longing for so much more

You are that searching inner eye
Crying to be heard by God who died
You're force-feeding the nearly stillborn
And reclaiming the birthright of downtrodden

You're the ears of a heartless deaf society
Hearing only the muteness of rhythm of life

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Do you see me, too?

Trevor, I saw you again—

I saw you sitting at the desk right beside me in Mr. Tracey’s seventh-grade homeroom,

Filled with twenty unhygienic twelve-year-old students. It smelled of strong coffee in a thermal.

A clock rests above the door. It ticks away the moments.


You were wearing that ratty brown zipper-up you liked so much.

The one that smelled as if it hadn’t seen the insid...

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friendsfriendshipmiddle schoolYoung Love

A Lost Friend

A Lost Friend


A man had a friend just down the street

Whom everyday he'd faithfully meet

Till they had a quarrel and wouldn't speak

Then other things they began to seek

Day after day, week after week

They wouldn't walk down the same old



Then he went calling on his friend one day

But he soon got the message that

he had passed away

As the messenger s...

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relationships hurt

Here we go again with the same old lines,

But every time we speak it just declines.

So I put up a hard round shell,

And pretend that I feel all so well.

You tell me to trust you,

But I am afraid it is well overdue.


The times when we spoke,

Were a good old joke,

But then it turned all so serious,

And I became more mysterious.         

I wish we could go back in ti...

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my cousin simone

Now let me tell you a little rhyme,

About one of the greatest cousins of all time.

She’s feisty, funny and all so pretty,

Plus did i mention she’s all so witty.

She has hair so long and fair, I can’t help but stop and stare.

She set up her own little business,

Which was all about food forgiveness,

Promoting her juice plus,

Which she goes to meetings to discuss.

How these...

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friendshipfamilylovegood lifesongs

If Time Had Stopped.

If time had stopped, 
Where you stood and waved -
A hint of a smile that couldn't be erased, 
And we forgave each other.
Like, old friends reuniting... 
Old stories to tell and old feelings long gone.

You knew while I couldn't figure it out,
As a bystander I heard the news.
I had treated life like a dream,
And you were a form of reality as you stepped right in.
You taught me about the ...

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best friendDeathfriendshiplossloveregretssadsuicide

Friendship withstanding time!

The day you guys came along
I would never forget that D-day
We defined the word friends in a new way
Without you guys around, I would be on a highway.

How well could words describe our friendship
even pictures are just an indication
The story behind these pictures so precious
that I am eagerly waiting for times ahead.

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Stranger things

To discover a friend

Is so strange

The way of meeting

Is always rare

Minds in courtship

Feelings laid bare

Honesty given

Distrust is so easy

So how is it 


This friendship

What are the 


That declare

A bond for 


out there

A beautiful mind

I knew it for sure

When I heard

Of a flight

To mud compounds

And lost peo...

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sometimes I miss you

as the earth would miss the moon

if it drifted away and said

it's ok i'll be back soon.


Knowing as I do that

bonds are hard to break,

and freedom is a heady wine


at times like these

when thoughts entwine

its almost more than I can take.


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