relationships hurt

Here we go again with the same old lines,

But every time we speak it just declines.

So I put up a hard round shell,

And pretend that I feel all so well.

You tell me to trust you,

But I am afraid it is well overdue.


The times when we spoke,

Were a good old joke,

But then it turned all so serious,

And I became more mysterious.         

I wish we could go back in time,

Where it was as fresh as a lime.


When we stopped talking,

I felt like I had stopped walking.

So I tried in vain to carry on,

With your presence gone.

So I looked you up on the internet,

And instantly wished I could forget.


You looked so happy, no care in the world,

That my emotions became all whirled.

So I blocked you from my mind,

And pretended I had gone blind,

And carried on, just going with the flow,

As I let my feelings of disappointment grow.


Now you want to start speaking again,

But it will require more than an amen,

Since too much water is under the bridge,

That it really has caused a ridge,

And I cannot just let go of the past,

Since I don’t want to be second to last.



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