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Summer Awhaikuing

Stronger in numbers;

the leaves a deaf audience

clapping spring's last bow.

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THE PRIMROSE - a re-post for the renewal of Spring!

Peeping from beneath the tree,

I heard the primrose speak to me.

Winter's done, I heard it say,

Warmer days are on their way.


Mother Nature waits on me

(The "First Rose" is my name, you see)

While other flowers lie abed,

I welcome Spring and show my head.


Then, with the golden daffodil,

I gild the countryside until

In turn the other blooms appear,


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An unexpected visitor

I was surprised by an unexpected visitor today. She kissed my cheek with her warmth and enveloped me with with her brilliance. Few are the ones who see her true beauty. The world had been so dark without her, so cold. I missed her dearly but now she is back. She gives life to the frozen hearts. She fills the soul with laughter and bubbly expression. She loves me and I love her….. Her name is Sprin...

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A Glimpse

I saw a glimpse of spring today
While riding in the truck
I never knew how sweet it smelled 
Untill the light possesed my soul
I thought the night of winter would forever consume my eternity
but oh how wrong I was because....
I saw a glimpse of spring today

The smell of sweet remembrance of a childhood long passed by 
will forever haunt by being
But in that moment I was entrapped in a w...

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Forging of firmness in frail frigate

Unision is unlikely to happen

Cranky & cruel words spew at will

Kicking down walls of decency and etiquette

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In 2015 this day is on the 13th of March

Sleep is a special form of the existence
It gives strength to a daytime wakefulness.
A healthy person wakes up with a feeling of freshness.

A good sleep maintains physical and mental health.
And everyone knows that it’s the main wealth.

Minimal level of brain activity and reduced reaction
Brings your body after sleep to the normal action.

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Happy Spring!

Tenderly stepping on the last snow

The first of March is coming.

Spring will release the love arrow,

Beautiful songs of love humming.


The feeling of spring is known to all,

It happens every coming year.

My loving spring has no wall,

Its sounds I can clearly hear.


March is a harbinger of changes.

It smiles happily together with me.

Its grace has the wid...

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