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The Temptation of St Anthony

From Emperor to Vampire, journeying through to final place of amoral monk.

Dwelling in ruined fort, a habitual sin of retired idleness. Momentary contemplations

to follow the birds south, he spends his days tending a garden of lilies in the desert.


Holding his demon captive for too long without his hands, she now writhes naked

and tied to column of penitent temple. Tresses burnt...

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lovelove poetryKatypoetess


The head of a rose

dry and broken

like a soft word spoken

which was not heard.


The head of a rose

petals close together

intense love held forever

which was not seen.


The head of a rose

leaves are tattered

a life lies scattered

which was not known. 


 ©   Katypoetess 2015     

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love poetrylovekatypoetess

Empty Tomb


a sweetness,


salt-cracked hearts

that pass in prophecy.



upon angels,


steadfast negligence

of tranquil demands.



stony silence,


words that ache

to be born

into my arms.


Time ticks wanton.


©  Katypoetess 2015

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katypoetesslove poetry


Tear off my guilt,
tie me to your salvation,
innocence will fall,
at your feet of vindication.


Katypoetess 2015


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lovelove poetryKatypoetess


His discipline
was her most
desired mercy.

He subdued
and elated her

He affronted
her with exquisite

She kept him
with sacrilegious

of a memory,
she was yet
to treasure.

In their intimacy
he humiliated her,
until she learnt

Unfounded –
they remained unfound.

In ecstasy.





© Katypoet...

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lovelove poetryKatypoetess


He was her all black and blue

He was her every backward move


Bitten lips, sugar swollen tongues

unable to breathe, only to succumb


Wild-rose rush, indecorous release

bewildered by being hostage beneath


Afterwards, he whispers her to him:

“You are so loved,

                   you are so loved.”




© Katypoetess 2015

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lovelove poetryerotic poetryKatypoetess

Dumb Destiny

I cannot speak to you anymore.

Though over these clay hearted years,

we never really spoke at all.


So now it finally must end

as I am taken once again

by collared, artistic agenda.


I cut languid love loose

re-tie dumb, devoted knots

that only he will now render.


Forbidden of fruitful verse

which may wistfully introduce

play on words of mourning.


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Katypoetesslove poetrylove

Formative Years

I guess it all comes from

losing my virginity

on a cliff edge.

Another mans photo in my purse.


© Katypoetess 2015

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Katypoetesslovelove poetry

Writing Because of You

I write things about you

I love to write things about you

I always want to write about you

Ever since I saw your smile

Feelings of hapiness begins to pile

Ever since I heard you laugh

My heart became familiar of this unknown "stuff"

I knew right then and there

This feeling will even get deeper


And then one unexpected day,

Our gaze met... Oh Hey!

My heart beats...

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falling in loveinspirationlove poetryunrequited love


Sitting a stool;
with my guitar.
It came to me as before
Strumming the tune; and
the music flew.
in beautiful silence.
My deep, dark defiance
So many times I have tried
to clear my mind; but
clearing the throat
of faded memories
still vivid only to me
The pitch is horse
As the feelings are on course
The patter continues; and
I can't help myse...

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lovelove poetrypoetryuink


Forgive me as I dip my pen into blood of the past.

Memories.  Hanging bright as the whitest moon

in my blackened, indecorous thoughts.


I was his lover, his muse, his friend,

his counsel over secret canal side walks.

Both sharp suited, professional by day,

we drove fast through boundaries

into love first after taking vows of never.

Towpath widened into world of champagn...

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lovelove poetryKatypoetess

Caring through Silence

I cannot feel your pain.

Your body is numb,

Your mind in hibernation.


For now, let yourself rest

In June’s heat and chatter.

It will take time to be

that knight again

that I cherish so.


But I am there.


Within the silence

I am there.


 ©  Katypoetess 2015

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lovelove poetryKatypoetess

Residual Haunting

There are these times of the year

that hunt and haunt my soul.

If I am undistracted – unaccompanied

then I become unexpectedly – unnerved.


Whispers on the breeze I cannot hear

catchlights in eyes I cannot see

memories of you I can no longer feel.


You are only 10 miles away

out of my life –

but no distance away

from this

residual haunting.


© Katypo...

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lovelove poetryKatypoetess


Ties loosen

eyes now bound

dominance and submission

momentarily forgotten

within their

kismet kiss


© Katypoetess 2015

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Katypoetesslovelove poetry

Vampiric Chivalry

I am undone.
I am flayed –
not by a strike of hand
but of gentlemanly politeness.

I am bereft.
I am rejected –
not by a lover’s spurning
but of frustrated licentiousness


Will my vampire ever brave the depravity of reality,
from the enigmatic dark of brutal chivalry?


© Katypoetess 2015

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lovelove poetryKatypoetess

Dodging Cupid's Arrow

To say
I don’t think of you
would be a lie
but I dare not pine
As you cross my mind


Do not
ascertain as I close
the bedroom curtains
my wildness is founded
in uncontrollable desire


Ignore that
contented smile
while you hold my gaze
I suggest gently that
you need new glasses


Sipping more  
or less Dom Perignon
I’m sure it won’t be long
Before barman calls time

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Katypoetesslovelove poetry

Iron Lung

Sometimes.  Sometimes, when I am alone,
 I slowly, warily try and bring myself back.
 Cry out the rotting lump in my throat,
 pull at greying hair, a constant reminder,
 life is passing and you are no longer there.
 Unable to breathe. A little girl lost,
 flying kites into thunderclouds.


Glancing faces of mornings in all their glory
 delivers me to rest – and now I’m blessed
 with ...

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Katypoetesslove poetry


Come to me.

In darkening clouds

and balmy breeze

that boldly bucks

my willow tree

into enlightenment.

Come to me.


Touch me.

Touch me where

I ache the most

show the least

and love you the best.

Touch me.


Stay with me.

Share my twilight

sultry sensual stars

with a shine that

warns off dawn

of atonement.

Stay with me.


© Katypo...

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lovelove poetry

Beholden to Behind

A thumb – intently placed on chin

caressing every freckle into a letter

that spells out a story blushing lips

that remand and remade the ending


Forefinger – smoothing the jaw

straight as lines read and re-read

he turns her over like a page

his favourite fable, every inch

a mythology of unreason.


Genteel palm – perfectly placed

on ripened white, depressing sp...

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lovelove poetryerotic poem

Falling apart

You were supposed to be my knight in shining armour

You were supposed to prove them all wrong

Cause back then you were young, and dumb, and stupid

But now you are old enough

To know that you can’t be out here breaking hearts

I guess that’s where we fell apart

I was too busy trying to protect us

And you just didn’t care at all

Making me look foolish over and over again


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Staring a half-hearted wonder of who you really

are into a crackle and glow of home comforts,

I swill serene glass of Margaux round and round

in hand that writes and re-writes reminiscence.


Commuting through those sullied Surrey suburbs,

did the severity of your suit cut a sharp intake of

my breath as I pushed through the hollow crowd?

Poetry flames in devotion, an a...

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Dylan Thomaslove poetry

Momento Mori




head towards finger, keep going, keep going, there – stop.

Eyes to me.” 


Sequestered devotion to bemused muse.

She stares back digressive, dictated expression.

Seeing now not the man, but the Brady stand.


© Katypoetess  2015

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lovelove poetryphotography

My Love

Our love circulates in the sky,

Round and Round though it shall never die.

The galaxys have nothing on our beauty.

Our love is 7 times 70.

For our love is Cosmic,

lets hope we never see the last of it.

My love you will be my last.

My love for you shall never pass.

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love poetry

Golden Boy

Golden boy, your hair is perfectly curled, do you know that?

And golden boy I can’t see because your shine blinds me even in a room full of people

You’ll never see the sun in my eyes, like I do yours

Your blue eyes pierce into me like a fallen icicle in the middle of a snow storm

But at the same time my hands feel sweaty, like I am lost in the Sahara desert

Oh, golden boy, with hair...

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