Beholden to Behind

A thumb – intently placed on chin

caressing every freckle into a letter

that spells out a story blushing lips

that remand and remade the ending


Forefinger – smoothing the jaw

straight as lines read and re-read

he turns her over like a page

his favourite fable, every inch

a mythology of unreason.


Genteel palm – perfectly placed

on ripened white, depressing spine

into maidenly goading of docility.

Two hearts, to start – a beautiful violation


© Katypoetess 2015

erotic poemlovelove poetry

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 20th Jun 2015 15:38

Apart from the shine of the words themselves, the aura of real intimacy glows. The second stanza is really lovely.

Damned if I know whether anal intercourse is part of this, or not, but probably not. 'violation' could suggest almost anything.

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Nigel Astell

Wed 17th Jun 2015 13:34

A thumb a forefinger perfectly placed
write lines that are ripened once read.

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Rose Casserley

Mon 15th Jun 2015 09:29

not one iota less than absolutely beautiful.

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