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Dodging Cupid's Arrow

To say
I don’t think of you
would be a lie
but I dare not pine
As you cross my mind


Do not
ascertain as I close
the bedroom curtains
my wildness is founded
in uncontrollable desire


Ignore that
contented smile
while you hold my gaze
I suggest gently that
you need new glasses


Sipping more  
or less Dom Perignon
I’m sure it won’t be long
Before barman calls time
on this unexpected escapade


Giving no
weather warning of mood
you flatter my virtues
declaring an eternal bond
I can only say, that
of you - I am quite fond


I command
you must not be too long
but if you return quickly
you would be wrong that
I just wanted you by my side


a sweet ambiguity
I’m rather proud
I’m dodging
Cupid’s arrow
rather nicely


But I know
I said
I was just
passing through


I thought
I might


stick around
a bit longer.


Would you?


© Katypoetess  2015

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Nigel Astell

Mon 13th Jul 2015 13:49

Forget glass of Dom Perignon
Polished oak splits open.

Bolt from the blue
Strongbow is the drink.

The doors are closed
You ready for aftertime?

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 13th Jul 2015 11:12

Delightful - magnolias and sandalwood in the same poem - like Everywoman. The diction and imagery are superb, and the internal music of rhyme and assonance. I REALLY like it.

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