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What, to you, does a tear signify?
Joy, pain, sadness, or just something in the eye.
How do you respond?   Grasp the shoulders and share the joy,
Hold her close and reveal that it’s a boy.
Give a sympathetic cuddle with it's irritating stroking
Sorry, didn’t realise it was your eye I was poking.

© Jack Purvis OOPs

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Passing Me By

I sit outside and smoke and stare.
At all the people who pass me there.
They do not wave, they do not smile.
Why won't they come and talk a while?

They pass me by without a care.
I watch them go and wonder where.
I go inside and think of them.
But they of me? Not now or then.

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The Road We Travel

Once i heard tell of a road in the west

one that runs for many miles.
its full of twists,
of holes,
of hills.
Of sadness and of smiles.

a road that will challenge you,
that will kill you if you falter.
a road of love and loss,
and of branches that always alter.

this road is unending tranquility,
this road is unyelding strife.

in the west it has a name.
this road its name is li...

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As much try shaking off

 odd feeling can’t avoid


On face seems normalcy

  deep within I’m paranoid


All evident brave fronts

and donned blasé guise


Reflect chinks in armor

of societal compromise


Frayed old compulsions

often daunt and afflict


Daubed in hues darker

sane rationality restrict


Old emotional stockpile

intrinsically stay...

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reflectionsrue regretsadness

The end

       The end

The time has come for me to go
My life's been hard, as you all know
I've worked hard, all of my life
All I've had is trouble and strife
How I've tried to turn things around,
My hopes my dreams
Smashed to the ground
I've had my highs and I've had my lows
But life has dealt me, too many blows
Endless depression, is getting me down
Can't raise a smile, only a frown
The li...

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Insomnia rears its ugly head,
Like an old friend, 
now unwanted.
I stare at the clock,
Heavy eyed,
And wonder,
"Should I sleep now or later?"
For I am not sure anymore,
What is expected
Of a single man,
And I stare at this empty bed,
And miss her body,
And her warmth...
And her.


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Only a Whisper

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So quiet, faintly whispering
My real feelings about life
My insides are withering
Ever growing is my strife

I broke my eyes a while back
So now you’ll never get to see
My soul windows have been cracked
The pain is building inside of me

So here, I will sit
Forever a caged heart
In this deep dark pit
Until I tear this life apart

Slowly being consumed by hate
From my head to my toe...

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This morning my pen confesses

entry picture

My orphaned poetry,

protagonist of my sunset,

lyrics roam in disappointment

and disenchantment


The rigor of silence,

feeling that it is impossible

to live without your love


This urge to love you

condemns me to the passion

of becoming a woman on your skin


How many days of nostalgia ran through my body?


How much longing for the kiss that you left ...

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Conceded Reality







Few moments desolate

often get you to think


How the twist of events

push you over the brink


Streaks of fleeting joy

abruptly come to end


Sans even little caution

or time to comprehend


Just split of a moment

it hits one ever so hard


Striking at susceptibility

when entirely off guard


Once past the insta...

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Confounds very purpose

 in the end what it ensues


Logic macabre it nurtures

plain irrationality accrues


Those closer tend to shun

all unknown you befriend


Despise meant well being

disinterest try to pretend


The time will pass you by

in  state sorry to repent


Unaware you’re of perils

uncertainties it’ll pre...

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No finish line

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Tied to the cavities of the night,

life becomes written tears in my eyes;

every part of my body has its wound

and I unceasingly wander in the aggregate pitfalls of a fog


Before me the cross of loneliness turns to me,

pass painful valleys,

there’s nothing left standing

only dents in my soul


Between fear and courage,

cold and misery tally each step,

waiting is...

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