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when you leave,it all remains

The strength that comes in With the desires in the heart Expectations break the mirage Of the dream's picture paintin' Hold on to it something whispers The heart pounds when it sees The reality,the beauty, It's a dream,walk in clouds slippers It's a confusion,should i believe? It's true or not. Your picture that i painted,i can't heave Put it safe,somewhere away,and safe a lot. T...

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Only A Memory

Over my shoulder

 In the corner cafe, 

eyes wide open as if,

  I saw your face.

Emotions run through my blood 

  and veins,

missing you while you're gone,

I'm the only one to blame.

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memoriespast love


The leaves fall

Tumbling to the ground

Each branch of the tree

Getting bare and brittle

Some leaves fall straight down

Some leaves get carried by the wind

I sit and watch

Each leaf on an adventure

Some broken

Some cracked

Some gone from view

Each one leaving a memory

On the big tree

That is now nude

And pure

My heart was once pure

And covered in a ge...

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Your touch still lingers on my skin like the warm yet cold breeze of the wind,


Your kiss heavy leaves an imprint on my lips like the moist rain that steadily drips,


Your laugh still gives me the bees in my gut like hiding from the storm in that little hut,


Your body close to mine in a gentle embrace like the love surrounding our little space,


Your voice calming an...

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Oh how I miss the Northern Charm

Builders' Tea and Bacon barm

Pie ’n’ peas and Cheshire cheese

Drivers that stay calm


People speak without a plum

Ecky thump and ee by gum

Tripe and Onions, Granny’s bunions

Boddies Bitter bites yer bum


Cheshire cats the grinning mousers

Tacchini wearing scally Scousers

West Pennine shower, Blackpool Tower

Our backyard and ...

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I think it was a blizzard,
But I can't remember.
It was cold.
I was just seven years old.
And I ran inside. 
To hide from the storm.
Thinking maybe I could get warm.

The water felt like ice,
But the sun was nice.
It was March. 
I can still hear the dirge.
And I ran inside.
I tried not to care.
Thinking maybe you'd be there.

The warmth was gone,
But I was alone.
It was done.

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I Remember Bren

tattooed, sweat drenched, confessional, this rose sopped ecstasy I maybe tested through a full glass yet, my word, your flavour so fresh as the closest and sweetest kept secret, tasted: tested: approved as complicit dew through years of spilt guilt, when ventured pleasure ordered, I, insect twixt the lingered crawl along villous cinnamon and apricot stole, long reflections through the viscid, over...

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passion. illicitmemorieslustwishful



Imagine a world of love and laughter
Of fun filled days and freedom till after
The tea time call or the playtime bell
Get back into line or you'll catch some hell

Imagine a world of wildness and wonder, of fun and jest
Of questions and answers and adventurous quest
When time was your own and life was a whim
To walk, to run through grass so long, to swim

Imagine a world ...

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