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Oh how I miss the Northern Charm

Builders' Tea and Bacon barm

Pie ’n’ peas and Cheshire cheese

Drivers that stay calm


People speak without a plum

Ecky thump and ee by gum

Tripe and Onions, Granny’s bunions

Boddies Bitter bites yer bum


Cheshire cats the grinning mousers

Tacchini wearing scally Scousers

West Pennine shower, Blackpool Tower

Our backyard and terraced houses


Lanky Hotpot on the menu

Aces riding home at Belle Vue

Marple Locks, Salford Docks

The racing heartbeat once past Crewe


Buses seem to run so sweet

Past the terraced houses neat

Fleetwood fish and Jodrell’s Dish

Childrens' parties in the street


Lowry’s pictures, toil and calm

In days before the smog alarm

Chimneys’ sooty and a large jam butty

Oh how I miss that Northern Charm


(c) Daniel Dwyran





<Deleted User> (12885)

Tue 30th Sep 2014 08:24

cheers for the comments on my pages daniel. jeff certainly is an inspiration isnt he??!!

just loved this poem, it gave me a nudge, a reminder of what we have int north thats particularly northern and ours

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Ged the Poet

Mon 8th Sep 2014 20:44

Jeff.. thanks again for your very kind words on this and the others. It really means a lot.
As for the other stuff I promise you I am on it ;)
Much appreciated.

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Jeff Dawson

Sun 7th Sep 2014 07:31

Excellent Daniel, this has to be a must when you come to Guitar n Verse, the Tyldesley, Bolton, Wigan and Salford folk and other locals will love it!

Great rhythm to it and tons of northern stuff in there mate!!

Thanks for your comment on 'The nearly was man' I'll si thi soon Jeff

Rose Casserley

Fri 5th Sep 2014 22:31

Shirley-Anne beat me to 'bazzin' so I'll have to settle for second best,and say...dead good!

if twas my poem-twould be titled(tyculled)..

...So Northern.x

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Ged the Poet

Thu 4th Sep 2014 22:13

James... up in the frozen North you can sometimes smell it 'fore you see it!

Bazzin'... not heard that word for ages Shirley-Anne :)))))

Boddingtons Brewery... a bloomin' car park. S'pose it could have been a Strangeways Prison annex Martin ;)

Thank you all for your very kind words. Much appreciated.

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Martin Elder

Thu 4th Sep 2014 20:34

Another corker Daniel.
'Boddies bitter bites yer bum'

It's a shame the boddies brewery is no more. It's a car park now.

Great stuff

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Shirley-Anne Kennedy

Thu 4th Sep 2014 12:28

You knew I would really enjoy this, didn't you?

Bazzing :)

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James Roper

Thu 4th Sep 2014 06:53

So eloquent. I can almost see it.

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