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My eyesight’s going

My nasal hair is growing

And my hair now looks so grey


My knees are creaking

My elbow joints are squeaking

And my voice won’t work today


As I sit down on the tiles

It’s not good for my piles

And I start to really feel my age today


My back it sometimes aches

My favourite meal is now Corn Flakes

No one cares about what I might have ...

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ageinggrowing olderlonelinessreal life

Cold Nights

Cold nights,
Desperate halls,
Filled with old pictures on the walls,
Empty rooms,
Broken hearts,
Casualties forced apart,
Silent whispers,
Ice cold tears, 
Looking at what you've become in the mirror,
All the aching past dreams still withstood, 
But even still your misunderstood.

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The green grass dies beneath her feet, 
As she holds in her cry to a settle weep, 
Her heart gets taken by her big black sole,
As her eyes change color black as coal,
The wind howls across the sky, 
As her past was all a white lie, 
The trees turn grey with the fading sun, 
And she knew then all was done, 
The time moved slow as the c...

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They say you can be lonely in a crowd

(Probably more so if the noise is loud).

Perhaps the trick is being at ease

With having just yourself to please


It's wrongly thought that being alone

Means being lonely on your own.

For some perhaps this may be true

And I sympathise with you.


Look inward - take some comfort there

And if you're fortunate to share

With som...

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The Shadows On The Wall

I fade into the darkness, like the shadows on the wall Nobody hears my cries, nobody notices when I call
Although I scream I am here! the words just won’t fall
I fade into the darkness, like the shadows on the wall.   When the night comes calling, then you might see me,
Just a mere reflection of the man I used to be
My life is now over, the end is yet to come,
I am the man in the sha...

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Anthony R M AndrewsBullyingHeartbreaklonelinessPainSuicide

The Beach: My Remedy

it's just before sunset when loneliness creeps in

the beach is my remedy

the ocean will let me be sad
but only enough to shed a few tears,
never enough to let me drown

the wind invites me in when no one else has thought to
the lazy waves take their time rolling up

the toddlers mix mud, as their parents hold a conversation

the older couple holds hands like they're still in love


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"Like peeling an onion" you said.
More; unseaming
Slipped stitches,
Knotted aims,
Frayed edges.

Peddling metal
Over punched pins,
Threading maydays into cloth.

Fingers fumbling at loose seams,
Unravelling weaves,
Desperate hems,
Moth eaten, scrapped themes.

Now, all I am is an empty spool,
Someone's discarded thimble.

Try the pattern again.

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