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The years go by as I live my life, joy fills my heart, me,

as I think of you, of the times we had and the bands we saw.

Now you’re gone, pain fills my head, me, as I realise that you

were the one, not any more. Contrasting emotions and images

welling up inside me, confusing my brain as another failed encounter

fills my being, taking me to the dept...

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So How Nottingham Were You?

“eight Shippo’s a night youth

with a pack of No.6

loyal to the local economy

proud of where I lived,

never owned a Chopper though,

much to my chagrin,

every other Saturday

Trent End hooligan

serial movie matinees

at the ABC

a penny got the first one in

who let the others in for free

meet me at the Lions

don’t you know your left from right


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The Photo Finish

The Photo Finish
The picture frame was empty.
Its blank expression populated cities.
The neon lights averted gazes or
focussed even more as
tarry skies consumed
mould memories.
Office block shadows
 tormented your
and your absent anecdotes,
projecting cataract photos
of lovers inside you.
You fell apart

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In my dream I listen to the best of Heart, Ann Wilson really rocking out. Who'll You Run To? and All I Wanna Do reminding me of my dear ex wife. Why do I dream of her? Is it to show me I have nothing now? No wife, no family, no house, no car, no job and no happiness? I can't describe how it affected me at 6am in the morning. A mental block provided by an angel protects me ...

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Its the memories....


It is the Memories ...
Tomorrow he goes on to another stage.
He is 90 plus and feeling his age.
Sickness has taken its toll  on him
After years of survival, his body has given in.
But he has a daughter who is constant and true,
Who is always there to see him through.
Her devotion her love is all he needs
At this time when life recedes.

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