In my dream I listen to the best of Heart, Ann Wilson really rocking out. Who'll You Run To? and All I Wanna Do reminding me of my dear ex wife. Why do I dream of her? Is it to show me I have nothing now? No wife, no family, no house, no car, no job and no happiness? I can't describe how it affected me at 6am in the morning. A mental block provided by an angel protects me from oblivion. I had it all in my perfect marriage to a white witch. We did it all: witchcraft and spells, holidays abroad, get tattooed, see live bands, make love and lots more. My mental health failed me, us. I ruined you and me, do you forgive me? My dream shows me what I lost fifteen years ago. What I have now. Unable to get a girlfriend or job in my time back in Oldham, I'm a special case. What has Bev achieved in the last two decades? I know my writing and tattoos and love of goth music and occasional darkness will eclipse her. She gave me my paganism, what did I give her? We don't speak now. Thanx Heart.

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