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He’d built a life’s path brick by brick

Held together by sand and stick


It rivalled her wall of crumbling stone

They stood together completely alone


She felt she knew him all of his life

But couldn’t understand the edge of the knife


Sharpened by resistance, ready to slice

the red thread between them, not once but twice


Once in dreams...

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Lada Love


Lada Love

Have you ever been so in love with a machine it hurts?

I am. The reason?

Lada cars especially Riva estate cars with square spotlamps in the grill.

What a beautifully proportioned machine,

each line in the right place.

Utilitarian design and poetical looks, filling my soul with joy.

Yes I feel happiness when I see a Lada car.

It makes my day and I ...

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or... Written version

To us its just a little truck, but to him………………. Its like buried treasure
The joy of digging it out the toy box…….
Just fills his world with pleasure!
You see to big people its just a little toy, a truck that’s red and yellow
But when HE! sees it, its like a long lost friend t...

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Gentleman Caller


Never expect but always must anticipate
Children now asleep, I am freshly bathed
His fantasy diverting to an eager soliloquy
Gentleman caller
raps my door delicately


Dutifully agitated into dazed acquiescence
He thrusts me forward, a quickening zealous
One hand over mouth, other girdles my belly
Gentleman caller
then politely assaults me


I turn on kettl...

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The 22nd of December


The longest night,

 The shortest day

 The 22nd of December.

 The Sun turns into another way

 Putting more warmth into the amber,

 Into the humans hearts that pray

 For love, for peace, for happiness,

 For Merry Christmas!

 The 22nd of December!

 The Sun has got its own reasons

 To differentiate the seasons.

 And Jesus Christ birth

 On our b...

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The Comfort of Strangers at Hatton Locks Car Park



Who is that man

always parked next to us

When we meet early evening

He sits in his seat

Pretending to read a newspaper

While we create mischief

In the back of your car


Who is that woman

Who works in the café

Always friendly and curious

She asked us once

“What we were doing here so late?”

How could we reply


Who are those...

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Hatton LocksloveLove poemlove poetry


If only I could have a little madness

to release me from these stories.

Are you my sanity and my truth?

From a sin to a beginning

I continue devoted to endure

role of poetess and the whore

Could I, and did I

really write you into my life?


© Katy Hughes 2012


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lovelove poetrylove poem

Banished to Eden


We blend into each other’s colours

begging serpent’s curiosity of insidious skin.

Sullen hand removed, reveals scars in their beauty

motherhood replaced by conjured virgin within


Love’s chameleon tongues a hedonism

anxious lips kiss curved ribs appled in eye

pole dancing a Jacob’s ladder of debauchery

“Don’t move” you cry, and I’m flung far and wide



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