Lada Love


Lada Love

Have you ever been so in love with a machine it hurts?

I am. The reason?

Lada cars especially Riva estate cars with square spotlamps in the grill.

What a beautifully proportioned machine,

each line in the right place.

Utilitarian design and poetical looks, filling my soul with joy.

Yes I feel happiness when I see a Lada car.

It makes my day and I remember the moment forever.

Balanced out by sadness.

I’ve not seen a Lada car since 2008 in Epping Forest.

That Lada Riva was cream colour with yellow wheels.

From tens of thousands on England’s roads,

now there must be less than a hundred.

I wish I could meet other Lada car enthusiasts and compare Lada notes.

I’d show them my tattoo and swoon over their cars.

Thank you Soviet Russia for your beautiful cars.

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