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Stephen Gospage on EMPTY SHELLS
1 hour ago

An Ingres Back

She has an Ingres back

She is a violin

And when she’s in his arms

She sweetly plays for him


She doesn’t know the words

He doesn’t know the tune

There’s a duet of sorts

In that sweet dark bedroom


His fingerwork is good

Her mouth is soft and warm

While she is in his arms

They will not come to harm


Her voice is like a lute

And y...

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To be a Goth, do I have to suffer so? Have loneliness burn into my soul, sadness fill my heart, loss bring me to my knees?

All I have is my life and a few songs to help me by in this endless grey world of mine,

no Goth girl to save me, no real escape from this morose existence to gain ascendancy to the heavens.

A soul mate I yearn for, to escape the barest mini...

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lifedarknessaloneendsuicide held at baymusicgothic

'It's Time To Face... Resignation' (Performance)

Earlier in the week I performed 'It's Time To Face... Resignation' at the Empire Theatre in Blackburn. On the following YouTube link, you'll find my rendition!


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I love seeing a band live so much, the energy

and times I’ve had have been breathtaking.

All sorts of people packed into a small uni hall

rocking out to some of their rave music.

I remember All About Eve in Liverpool catching

the train there and missing the support band.

What a gig! Seeing Def Leppard in the heat of ’93,

the beer, the m...

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. . . . . . . . . . ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫♪ ♫ ♪ ♫♪
the strains of music dying.....
s o a k e d in a r i v e r of dreams
to be swept by d a r k c u r r e n t s
gurgling in the deep of night

the dragon's seductive breath
floating through windows and doors
billboards and neons glowing
cloying fast on roofs & floors

the children await wide-eyed
fed with what th...

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She fed my soul


She sent me out into the world,

But before she did she made sure I had breakfasted.

She sent me out into the world,

But before she did she filled my lunch box.

She sent me out into the world,

But for me tea she prepared a banquet,

Gil and Benjamin broke my fast,

So though I knew the revolution would not be televised

I saw a poet could be hero in my Mother’s...

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