She fed my soul


She sent me out into the world,

But before she did she made sure I had breakfasted.

She sent me out into the world,

But before she did she filled my lunch box.

She sent me out into the world,

But for me tea she prepared a banquet,

Gil and Benjamin broke my fast,

So though I knew the revolution would not be televised

I saw a poet could be hero in my Mother’s eyes.

My Lyrical lunch-box overflowed with the likes of Marvin and Shirley.

So while things now ain’t what they used to be,

That was no shock to me and my bridges are standing still.

My tea was rich with culture, politics and history.

I had no vast pocket money, instead an appreciation of each coin,

Creating not the famished consumerist acquisitional quest for cash,  

Instead an insatiable appetite for equity and an unquenchable thirst for change.

My diet was considered carefully from my waking until I went to bed

But while my belly never went hungry, my soul was even better fed.


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Laura Taylor

Fri 7th Jan 2011 10:07

I love this. Your love for your mum shines through this - you are very lucky to have had such a nurturing parent.

I like the pulling together of the music, the food, the spiritual nourishment.

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