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The Day Full of Warm Fondling

trailing the sun all day
always present your shadow
there is worry about
swinging in this chest
when I can't help you load

imagine your rhythmic day is not easy
should we be together with the ocean
take waves of restless storm ripples
although you don't have to
give up thousands of beatings

realize I'm just here
to accompany your heart
I accept your frustration
to reduce your anxi...

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Reach The Peak of Romance

during our blue night together
cold our body has become embers
I embrace you in exciting love
and we'll fly to the seventh sky

I stroked your soft black hair
touched your cheeks looks pink
our lips never stop kissing then
spread our passion flow pleasure

our fondling is warmly directed
in beautiful and sensitive senses
gasping for breath spurred passion
enjoy our human instincts


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Unforgettable Togetherness

we embrace in the warmth of love
flowing our long-held desires
panting enjoying a kiss
we express sincere passion for longing

at first the doubt felt like a dream
but obviously we have united ourselves
live when fulfilling the will of instinct
time becomes meaningful to two hearts

a little regret why it's only now
we feel like we are out of control
so long we are stuck in a wallow sa...

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True Enforcer of Sleaze

wearing fake turban here and there
throughout the country preaching saintly
ramble on as if you don't need material
but in fact also involved acute corruption

whatever you say for the people is important
but actually you steal people's money
manipulating state funds for means of sexual desire
enjoy the paradise of the world tasting 'pesing'

acting as if religion fighters turned out to ...

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Daydream When Drizzle

I grabbed your greetings that's far
while I daydream when drizzle
as if you were in my arms
inhale wet counting rain

tunable splash of water
decorate our longing that continues to flow
in the will to understand each other
when we have to enjoy distance

sometimes there is anxiety passing
when a sense of desire has a strong presence
but realize love trusts each other
tie our hearts to...

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Blend The Heart of Instinct

I want to erase that anxiety
when I look into your eyes
never mind
forget that past
let the pain pass
face now passionately happy

I want to spoil you
enjoy the days
become more meaningful
by loving each other
understand each other
fill in the rest of our age
in mutual protection

let's face the one in front
we embrace live now sharing
grief that will always be there
make it a gi...

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Lovely Early Morning

In the cold early morning I greet you, when the old city began to become quiet. You look tired but implied happy. I hold you in our real happiness

I kiss your forehead gently with love, you kiss my fingers warmly. There are not many words spoken but through gazing. Miss us revealed in real attitude.

I took you in the remaining air of rain. Sincere feels more real in together. Not only in the...

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About Our Feelings

befriend the poet I send words
daydream about you always sparkles
with your sweet smile present
our romance is increasingly engraved

always remember our promises united
whatever happens no matter the obstacle
realize our relationship is not easy
but don't have to give up

nothing wrong with our feelings
everything flows happily
we live the day sincerely
fulfill the will of human inst...

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Embrace Your Sincere Love

the thick morning mist shivered around itself
never made my heart cold for sure
because my whole heart has warmed up
I embrace your sincere love full of protection

dew drops at the end of the green leaf blade
refresh the orange mixture, our hearts glow
our desire to grow up is as impressive as possible
get rid of worrying about coming to dry season

black and white butterfly perched on ...

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My Longing's in Your Dreams

something was lost on my night this time
joke and greet you warmly every time
but what happened I understood
indeed you better fall asleep in a dream

hug me in your beautiful sleep
the night pass in serenity combined
together to realize longing for dreams first
the real thing is we will meet soon

don't wake up
when you spill desire
let all caress full of warmth
achieve happiness

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Romantic Love Fantasy

lulled by the singing of rain, I grabbed your sap
friendly tasting late at night drifting homesick
I enjoyed a long range of distance and time
to unite your heart wash each other wistfully

romantic fantasies come to my night and night
in silence nuances shade myself and yours
I want to present a touch of warm caressing you
remove fret that blocks your beauty

various crises sway your da...

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Because It's Different

said you hotly and firmly
even though it seems hard stiff
but your personality is really straightforward
the reflection of your heart is real firm

your sincere picture of modesty
your uniqueness is amazing
your greatness does not present your pride
my heart is stuck in your niche

my admiration and sincerity
greet in a chime promise
to always desire one
ignore the differences between...

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In Paradise Nuances

there is miss I caught in your gaze
your smile saddles sadly
I want to take care of you
even though you feel tired
so that happiness is always surpassed

I kissed the tips of your fingers softly
hint I say you welcome
I will not let your day be full of mist
passed quietly without singing

embrace each other towards the ark
mix dreams to achieve happiness
navigate the storm of life tha...

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Walk The Light Reaching for Hope

reluctant eyes closed even though quiet
your imagination comes in silence
you are asleep as my lover's heart
hugging happily clutching dreams

here I looked at the serene early sky
your dreams come with stars
to match my desire with you
through the night
welcomes the morning

although separated by space and time
my heart's room has been filled
with sincerity of your heart
doubt is no...

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Thank You

with you taunt me
I learned to praise you
with you insult me
I learned to admire you
with you harassing me
I learned to respect you
with you dump me
I learned to accept you

with your pride
I study humbly
with your greed
I learn to be grateful
with your deception
I learn to be sincere
with all your attitude
I learned to understand
I learned to know myself

I understand
thank yo...

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Don't Be Sad

something is missing
in the conscience chamber
when I did not meet you sweetheart
there is my humorous guard stuck
not like when we are in a joke

desire to continue
to accompany you in greetings
helpless stretched range of distance
even in virtual communication
it's difficult to establish time to share

when you're lonely
I want to beat the song
even though you can only
present you...

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Just The Way You Are

you say you're not beautiful
for me you are still attractive
you say you're not sweet
without you my heart cries
you say you're not good
but I like you uniquely
you say you're not smart
your presence makes a pounding
you say you are stubborn
in fact made me stunned
you say you are arrogant
but your words touched me

even though you don't love me
I still love you
even though you igno...

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Increasingly Sobbing

in the morning I no longer
heard the lively singing of birds
since you don't often greet me friendly
is there still the rest of your time to hope
here I wait not to pause even though it's quiet

I was choked on a strong chest
resist the intense upheaval of desire
I hope your day will be more colorful
I stared from deep in my darkness

afternoon sun covered with gray clouds
accompany me...

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Sincerely Hug You in Love

every time I look at your portrait
breezy rustling miss present
every time I interpret your smile
warm desires flow

your black hair is smooth
touch your beautiful cheeks
clear your eyes excite to guide
mean your heart is behind a smile

soft poignant singing
your poetic strings are sad
tough looks you save sad
exposure to life test was exhausted

thrilled with your past
my amazeme...

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Silent Song (In The Morning)

I imagine that you are as beautiful as
the smile of the goddess of the moon
staring at the sweet face full of miss
here I am, friends with stunned dew
I hope you enjoy graceful sleep

I wish you dream about our beauty
and hope to meet in our real desire
I ask that I don't get bored we knit
fused eternal romance to greet

latitude of dawn greeted me kindly
understand me who is broken do...

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Frame Two Hearts

'have you had breakfast?'
your short greeting makes me desire
to start my day meaningful and happy
your sincere attitude decorates my wish

I trace the path of the meaning of life
it feels we are guiding each other capable
although sometimes it's troubling to close
realize our time is sometimes not enough

my lunch break felt more enjoyable
since always in your shadow is warm
a cup of ...

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Kept in Silence

thousands of my words are insulted
in the phrase forming questions
hundreds of sentences you express
in murmur
so many invective words
you boast in swear
one word hate
you always repeat

it's been repeated this time
you never believe to what I say
I explained everything sincerely
you always ignore my explanation

over and over, your temper is angry
your insults hit the inner heart

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To Be Meaningful

I say orange you don't believe
I say purple you doubt
I say white you consider only a pretext
I say black you growled
I say yellow you think I'm crazy
I say blue you think I'm fake
I say red you are angry

I let you think I easily gave up
I shut up you think I'm a stone head
I laugh you think I'm railing
I smile you think I'm punishing
I'm sad you think I'm selfish
I cry you think I'm...

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Lonely Without You

time passed creeping sadly
drizzle added to my heart
what are you doing my soulmate
I hope you smile sweetly

the frog choir sounds hoarse
love song feels slicing sadly
I feel like I want to force my will
to unite our desire to combine love

stinging eyes staring at the white sheet
clear tears floating stuck
I painted you softly
the shadow of you is coming slowly

restless droplets ...

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Longing for Blue Morning

welcome morning in early desires
soft your sincere fragrance a quiet edge
I don't want to leave the day
without feeling this
your presence
really gives me meaning

even though it's quiet in the morning
without singing of beautiful birds
and there is no cool dew blushing
your charm still brings excitement
caressing the promise of
expressing your desire

counting seconds of swinging ti...

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Run Aground

don't have to be sad
often the word was revealed softly
don't have to be disappointed
often the word is carried away
don't have to be upset
often the word said in a sigh
don't have to be worried
often the word is held back hoarse
don't have to get worse
often the word is stuck in sorrow
when the clouds hang
I was confined
when it comes heavy rain
I screamed too hard
when a s...

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Morning Greetings

morning greetings
as warm as the sun begins to promise
shadow of your eyes as clear as dew
your sincere smile embraces courtesy

morning greetings
cheer your heart early on in the day
the graceful shadow of your passion
longing to swing
embraced, invited you
to spur the adam's apple

morning greetings
combining love glue one heart
shadow of your passion
for successive pace
your sof...

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The Beauty of The Past

I'm tangled
it's not worthy to be welcomed
strange you greet me gently
while you are so beautiful sheen
I deserve to be friends with you

you said softly
in awe of beautiful letters
printed on the news sheet
I'm so happy in blushing
a series of initial phrases of longing

you save my simple series of poems
I also keep you beautiful in me
staring at my daydream about us
talking in a ...

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Miss Peace

gusts of wind caress gracefully pine
screaming that mountain animals cradle grand
blending yourself in awe don't expect to break up
sighed in longing flattered

the edge of the canyon stretches peacefully green
I suck dew drops on the shoots of weeds
the gurgling of the small bamboo shower of the river
the flow of life is never obsolete

lush leaves scattered by human motion
the women w...

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Our Longing Poetry

the row of your words
keeps the meaning of longing
a bunch of poems implies
the turmoil of wanting to meet
the sound of the song
is getting closer to desire
to reach you in a warm cuddle

I imagine that
you are kidding me in sincere love
naturally flowing soothes our relationship
expressions of your feelings
fluoresce in a reasonable manner
happily our hopes are shining

I dipped th...

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Staring at a blank wall filled with my imagination about you. Your sharp eyes stab my sadness. My regret is moving the blue soul stirring. I don't understand what you mean by being silent.

The light rays fade in gaze. Do you accept my apology? Yellow flowers smell accompanied me late at night. Unable to cheer me up to face misery.

Singing grasshopper sad moaning. Painfully slicing the feelin...

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My Wish

evening rain causes cold
my imagination brings
your sweet smile
are you there?
when I contemplate longing

I want you to be cheerful
cheerful laugh off freely
ignore the dirty world
which does not disappear
enjoy the life
that's real beautiful

I want myself to be like you
in cold but warm
jokes together
life revolves full of meaning

my hope is wet with rain
I want to be filled

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Living in Harmony

thick clouds filled the head cavity
blocked the view from clear eyes
the curtain hesitated to confine the soul
restless should not be bound by conscience

the thunder shook the heart
deafness of true self honesty
should the words be said rudely
power desire is only worldly

raindrops wet the burning body of the earth
increasingly wet the embankment of will
anger submerged by cold water

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Your Will Can Happen

as if the embers are grasped
resist the turmoil of anger
but it must happen
when love binds the soul

even though it is bitterly mingling
painful tears pool in the lids
should it spill in the patter

I held a blank shadow
and I tasted the sweetness of bile
I say a thousand times restraint
but the word droops without meaning

when I stumble hard
I count the sound of the gecko breakin...

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Should I Write A Love Poem?

the straight line feels spicy
the string of words feels brash
the choice of concentrated terms feels sticky
a row of spooky expressions feels cruel
the line of sweet poems feels cynical
serene poems feel ache

I can't always write beautifully
I can't always be charming
I don't always reflect diligently
I'm not always fluent in love
I am not always great to flatter
I can't always unders...

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Morning Romantic Hope

morning brings the scent of rain last night
wet ground refresh the new morning
conscience hopes the days are no longer dark
surrendering to the storm must pass

clear dew decorates the tips of the leaves
wet green longing natural life
in silence the mood is pleasing
deplete the mud and replace it clearly

sunny sun slowly warms the earth
birds chirping with the spirit of life
restless ...

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If Only

afraid of heart hugging fragments of day
cloud overflowing abyss
I hope to pursue a beautiful line of promise
sad soul ends in resignation

the news frame passed without meaning
like a clown burst into laughter
music box presents love songs
my singing feels blandly hoarse

a packet of rice smiled sweetly
feels reluctant to touch it
thirst in the cynical word hole
immersed in anger did...

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