My grandma

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Oh my dear grandma how i miss you so,
From the top of my head to the tip of my toe.
It seems like only yesterday since you left,
When god went ahead with his theft,
And took another angel to join the others,
And leave us all down here to suffer.

I miss going over to your cosy house,
Where i nibbled food just like a mouse.
Every christmas you would bring so much cheer,
You piled our plates high, which melted away any fear.
The abba cd would get us all up to sing and dance,
Words can’t describe what i would give for another chance.

Remember when we joked and laughed,
Calling you granny gribbles just to be daft.
You would smile with a twinkle in your eye,
As you put more food into the pan to fry.
I used to love going to the sweetie shop,
Since I knew you would treat me to a cherry drop.

You spoilt us all so very rotten,
You dressed your kids in the finest cotton,
Gave your grandkids everything and more,
Hanging out with you was never a bore.
I loved sleeping over at your house,
Whilst i snuggled into your soft blouse.

I have so many precious thoughts that needed to be shared,
And now that i have wrote them down, my heart is kind of repaired.
Since i know that one day i will look into those loving blue eyes,
And not feel sad or angry that you left – so i will try not to despise.
You was an inspiration and my true hero and i will always love you,
Since a love this strong will always remain true.

In Remembrance of Grandma

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Big Sal

Thu 22nd Mar 2018 03:09

Lovely poem of remembrance, and such a shame it took someone so long to tell you so. Very passionate readings.

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