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I only glimpse it now, so far away, but bright and clear.

The rapture of  a fading world - another place, some other year.

Those nights of shattered moonlight strewn on marbled seas,

where frangipani whispers were caresses on the breeze.


From the shadow of the palms I watched you dance

the tideline, shed your silks, and with one glance

you robbed my soul and beckoned with a siren call;

on the crests of glittering waves we traded lives; we gave each other all.


Those times and tides have long since flowed to other shores.

Do you wonder of my island now, as I imagine yours?

Life’s restless waves, where we once played have tossed us far apart,

they wash our footprints from the sand,

but never from the heart.



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Jeff Dawson

Thu 13th Aug 2009 08:46

Hi Anthony, I'm just catching up with stuff and read this, its a beautiful poem, great one. I did wonder if the words 'we gave each other all.' would be better as 'we gave our all' but assume you wanted to use those words for the content.

Love the last - they wash our footprints from the sand, but never from the heart - poetry.

Thanx for comment on 'somoeone in particular' yes good to see us men multi-tasking! Can't think what it reminds you of but glad you like it, it does work well as a live performance piece, cheers Jeff

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Dave Bradley

Mon 3rd Aug 2009 13:36


Must agree with the others about this - I loved it. "Another place, some other year". When and where it was is a matter of record, but that's not the feeling is it. There's something in us which mythologises our own history

Very sorry our chat ended so abruptly - computer room has been taken over temporarily by daughter who needed to get dressed for work. Some other time I hope.

<Deleted User> (5763)

Tue 28th Jul 2009 19:44

I like 'whispers and caresses on the breeze'.
such a lot in a few words.

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Cate Greenlees

Thu 23rd Jul 2009 20:44

Lovely imagery here Anthony. A little gem.
Cate xx

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Wed 22nd Jul 2009 08:33

Very much a departure in theme and style for you Anthony - particularly with the use of I.
Very wistful and haunting. Love it - but then 'I' would...

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winston plowes

Tue 21st Jul 2009 20:59

some lovely phrasing Anthony in this one. Liked it a lot.. Win

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Steve Regan

Tue 21st Jul 2009 20:13

Elegant and glamorous (in the ancient sense of glamorous - i.e.magical), Anthony. I love the moonlight on the sea. When I'm abroad I aways swim in the sea at night. And "franginpani whispers" is such a luscious image. Great pic too.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Tue 21st Jul 2009 19:04

Very nice - made me feel nostalgic for my island home with its 'frangipani whispers' (really good phrase); enjoying your good couplets - downright refreshing. Did you 'trade lives'? or 'enjoin' them? Only asking.

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