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Updated: Wed, 1 Oct 2014 11:44 pm

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I love writing, expressed myself though writing most of my life, keeping journals and composing poems in Russian. For several years, my professional life took a course of its own, and writing had become a dormant hobby of mine. That is until two years ago, where corporate world could no longer keep me "boxed up" and self-expression won over. I am writer of poems mostly at the moment, and would like to share my poems, and with them my heart, my high and low moments, my journey.


Reflections of Eternal  Soldier The bright angel’s shadow? Or Not? What was the vision that I saw Through swollen heavy eyelids While grasping for air? Shall I lay in awe? Or was it the stale stinky death That I smelled everywhere around With nostril filled with blood? Lips screaming “help me”… but not loud. I do not know, I do not care. I am worn out and I am tired. With a sword, with a gun, on a tank Fighting in wars – ever since I am a child. Many changes face of earth had. Many seasons passed, coming and going. Million lessons we have acknowledged But war is constant and ever growing International, Civil, Cold wars Bible is not enough for all to be scripted. All tears shed, nothing left to feed seas Human hearts are stones, minds – conflicted. Motherless child, childless father, Grief and loss are closest companions. Souls torn apart, lives are wasted. Still “fresh meat” is supplied to battalions. I knew no beginning of war, I see no end. I lay still in the dirt with my bulleted body. Now I know, because I don’t care, worn out and tired It’s death who will soon be having a party. August 2014 Being In the no rush of life I touched true beauty. In the slow gentle dance I felt my heart’s awakening. In the stillness of my being I came to be one with the air. June 2014

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Graham Sherwood

Thu 2nd Oct 2014 08:08

Hello Shine,

Welcome to Write Out Loud, we hope you have a good time exploring the site. We're really looking forward to reading some of your work and I know that you’ll get a warm welcome from the other WOL-ers too.

It would be great if you could upload a picture of yourself, it’s really good to see what our fellow poets look like.

Have a good browse around, there’s work here on virtually any subject and there’s always lots going on. If you have the time to make some comments about the work of other poets please feel free to do so, it’s often the best way to get some constructive feedback about your own work too.

If you experience any technical problems there’s usually somebody who’ll help you out so just ask and someone will get back to you reasonably swiftly.

WOL is a friendly, creative and unassuming place, so welcome from all of us once again.

Graham @ the Write Out Loud Team.

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