Write Your Own Lines

speak up if you care even the slightest
stand up, cheer, do that whistle-thing you do
We only have one

tip your server triple your total
stick around to see her smile
We only have one

take a two-hour lunch to read poems on the beach
don't tell why, don't apologize
We only have one

look those you love straight in the eyes
let it be awkward until you crack, until they laugh
We only have one

hug generously those who love embraces
fist-pump all others, just no regrets
We only have one

get pissed at the wrongs, throw a fit, cuss
forgive even more quickly, and with grace, bless
We only have one

try that risky trick you just invented, fail EPICally
then do it again
We only have one

simmer and sit still with me awhile, I promise
the sun won't rise before dawn
We only have one

hey you, yes you, I dare you, let this soak in, and then

            carve out
your own lines!

We only have one


© Candice Reineke 2014

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Shirley-Anne Kennedy

Sun 24th Aug 2014 18:29

Oh yes! :)

Profile image

Steve Higgins

Fri 11th Jul 2014 20:19

Excellent stuff . .

Profile image

Candice Reineke

Fri 11th Jul 2014 03:08

Ha thanks! And that "two-hour lunch" included reading some of YOUR poems guys ;)

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Edie Hope

Thu 10th Jul 2014 20:25

Beautiful x

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Thu 10th Jul 2014 09:02

Excellent poem!xx

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Dominique Smith-Bryant

Wed 9th Jul 2014 14:33

This is really good. It makes me want to sit back and enjoy and take part in the little things that sometimes make all the difference in your day. Great job!

P.S. Thanks for the comment :)

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