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In Limbo

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She’s lost here somewhere,
Lost in limbo,
In these dark woods
Where we dare not go.
But I must find her
And bring her home.
She doesn’t belong here
Amongst the ravenous crows.

The moonlight spears
Like shards of blue glass
Through the thick canopy,
Piercing the black grass.
The trees block me
But I have a promise to keep
And I’ll push on through;
Miles to go before I sleep.
The air is thin
And the wind is stale.
Ancient undergrowth darkens,
As its victims pale.
I am lost here
And tread spiteful ground,
But I will stay lost
Until she is found.
And what of the trees?
They bear a strange fruit,
As blood stained leaves
Drip blood to the root.
Awkward figures sway,
Their faces sunken,
As cadavers drain
To the roots that drink them.
The high hanging bodies
Gaunt and garrotted
Not long had they fallen
Their blood not yet clotted
Why have they done this,
What had caused such fear?
To pick such an ending
So sudden, so severe.
Monochrome midnight
Hides shadowy figures,
Their traps awaiting
Near concealed triggers.
I hear them shufflling
Deep in the dark,
Their cruel intent
Scars ancient bark.
A ghostly mist gathers
And sinks all around,
It thickens the air
And crystals the ground.
Distant whispers drift
In unnatural tongues,
They conspire in blindness
To futile these lungs.
The woods are deep,
And I go deeper still,
The darkness thickens;
The wind is shrill.
I squint in the blackness,
Trying to see,
If I follow someone
Or if something follows me.
But I have promises to keep
And miles yet to go,
Further lost in these woods,
Where we dare not go.
Long before I sleep,
Where strange fruit hangs low,
Falling deeper into darkness,
Lost in limbo.


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Sat 12th Jul 2014 17:40

It's very beautiful and deep :)
Nelly x

<Deleted User> (11459)

Fri 4th Oct 2013 16:42

a beautiful nightmare:)

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