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Just Because


Don’t patronise me because I have found spirituality


In fact I pity thee who raise a barrier to inner peace


Don’t let negativity come between you and reality


Just because the Papacy used scripture and literacy to control the catholic community


Just because Christianity causes a lot of controversy when taken literally


Just because science and numeracy has answered our queries - currently


Just because Islam has been used to topple the currency


Just because Buddhists believe you could come back as a bunny


Don’t let that stand in the way of your spirituality


Just because the bible doesn’t state actuality


Just because some people don’t believe in gravity


Just because pagans practice rituality 


Don’t let that destroy all your spirituality


Just because Darwin discovered evolution


Just because humans – not demons cause all our pollution


Just because we’ve had a religious revolution


Please don’t neglect your spirituality


Just because today we fight wars of religion


Just because celebrity replaced recognition


Just because you hate that conservative politician


I’m asking you, don’t abandon your spirituality


Just because it’s easier to say you’re an atheist


Just because you’ve never sat down and made sense of it


Just because you’re not sure what other people will make of it


Please, for the sake of it, of your spirituality


Don’t let it cloud and shroud Reality



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