take me to your bedroom

set my soul on fire

remove my thong with your teeth

unwrap me like a gift

that sexy gleam in your eyes

says all I need to know

long enough we’ve been in lust

let’s pussyfoot no more


so kiss me now long and deep

let me be your temptress

I’ll lick your flesh into life

our desire will overflow

discover all my hotspots

I’ll be your willing slave

wrap my legs around you

lie back and light the flame


satisfaction will be sweet

until ardour returns

next it will be slower

to delight in every move

we can ride each other

in torrid seas of passion

till the morn’s early light

devour me for breakfast

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Lynn Dye

Fri 27th May 2016 14:01

Well, Rob, I was going to ask you if your pacemaker was up to seeing me in your office, ha ha, but having just read your poem "Passion", I don't think there's any case to answer!
Yes, I did enjoy
Lynn xx

Robert Mann

Fri 27th May 2016 11:32

Lynn - i found it haha! You are naughtier than I thought you little minx. I think you should step into my office (Grey Room) for a good reprimand. You might also like to check out a piece I did a while ago 'Passion' which could be paired alongside yours. http://www.writeoutloud.net/public/blogentry.php?blogentryid=36126 Enjoy xx

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Lynn Dye

Thu 1st Mar 2012 22:37

Thank you Mike for your kind comments :)

Hi Tony - glad you enjoyed.

Cheers, guys.

<Deleted User> (10059)

Thu 1st Mar 2012 13:14

Hi Lynn - sounds like the script forilm. Or certainly the basis for one! Certainly hits the (G) spot!!!

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Mike Hilton

Thu 1st Mar 2012 11:24

Very steamy,sweaty,provocative,exciting,moving,
athletic,sensual......I'm lost for words I'm cross-eyed with thoughts!

I think the 'Dye' has been cast!

lovely poem


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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Wed 29th Feb 2012 23:36

We need Colin to come into this
cos he's the only one we can report you to!
or is he too busy working the camera?
If so make mine black'n'white-one gross!...pwoah!!

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Lynn Dye

Wed 29th Feb 2012 22:33

Ah - that one! But aren't dreams like that the best? ;)

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John Coopey

Wed 29th Feb 2012 22:04

The one MC Newberry refers to - my "Dream"

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Lynn Dye

Wed 29th Feb 2012 21:40

Thanks guys.

MC, now that's a thought!

Stefan, answer to first question: Neither, I come marmalade flavoured!
Second question: Where does Colin come into this? ;)
Third question: Benji kept out the way!

John - um - what problem would that be? :)

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John Coopey

Wed 29th Feb 2012 21:20

Yer Dirty Gerty!
You've given me my problem back!

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Wed 29th Feb 2012 20:30

Three questions Lynn-re the last line,
do you come ready salted or baby oiled?

Next question-
what is Colins mobile number?

Last question,
Did Benji wear a blindfold
if he sat on your knee while you typed this?

Just off to find a humungus bucket-
OF COLD WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 29th Feb 2012 20:25

You and J.C.! It's getting very heated on WOL lately.
But perhaps there is the germ of a future WOL
competition here.
Passion is always in fashion.
And cornflakes are toast!

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