The Myth Of The Perfect Man

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The Myth Of The Perfect Man
The perfect man does not exist
And if he did would soon be kissed
By all those waiting for the event
So soon his energy would all be spent
Indeed his lips would be so chaffed
Swollen while his breath was gasped
Poor guy his chances seem so slim
No one would call him Lucky Jim
Without some clones he soon would be
Extinct again - what irony
Such fate may always face the best
Those that can't have get distressed
Stalkers make for their misery
I'm glad that I am just plain me!
28th October 2008


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Lynn Dye

Tue 21st Feb 2012 19:41

Enjoyed this very much, Dave, and the image is perfect for your poem too.

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Dave D Poet Rhumour

Mon 20th Feb 2012 12:31

Thanks Isobel and Mike - the cartoon shown was the inspiration for penning this one. :) As for Perfect Women, there are far too many for me to list! I have to say that 'cos I can't run... ;) Best wishes, Dave

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Mike Hilton

Mon 20th Feb 2012 11:40

Like the idea and the flow of it all, nice one Dave.


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Mon 20th Feb 2012 10:39

LOL - where did you get that picture of me from?

Great idea for a poem - and there is so much truth in it, beyond the humour. But how come the perfect woman isn't a myth? ;)

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