Winter, Blinded

Woke to the 
kiss of winter's ache and the
thud double dip and dance
of some kind of animal outside.
A fire burning somewhere. 

To you, the blind lady,
winter was just a series
of sensations –
the scratch of a naked branch,
the rain (only colder).

The utter embrace of silence.



This was for a contest on deviantART in which contestants were challenged to describe winter, without using visuals. 


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Andy N

Tue 27th Dec 2011 10:18

lot of good stuff, Charlotte in here - particularly like the last line..

one minor thing to perhaps think about is the use of 'cold' in the second line as i think with it been used at the end of the piece, you don't perhaps need it... it's top stuff however.. good luck x


Fri 23rd Dec 2011 16:33

I like the way you tackled this as through the senses of a blind lady - and the sound of an animal outside etc.

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