Death is coming

Somebody famous once said 

That people aren’t afraid of being dead

They’re afraid of being forgotten

Whilst their bodies decompose smelling rotten

That is a lie

I know because I spy

People are afraid of the unknown

Afraid of what they haven’t been shown

No one knows what happens for sure 

Just know when you die their is no door 

Like when you’re asleep for hours without dreaming

No more pain no more screaming

It’s over it’s done

No more smiles no more fun

Accept it’s the end

Because time you can’t bend 

Not backwards forwards or sideways

Just don’t count down the days

You’ll find that life is too long 

Not quick like they say

Live for the moment don’t live for the day


◄ Man in the shadows


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Ghazala lari

Thu 3rd Dec 2020 10:13

Last line conveys positive thoughts 💕


Thu 3rd Dec 2020 09:11

Possible if reincarnation is real. Everyone produces energy often referred to as the soul which begs the question does the energy die when the body does or does the energy transfer to the nearest new embodiment?


Fri 13th Nov 2020 18:13

I do think that also but people are obsessed with what happens after which is why ideologies and religions are so popular

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 6th Nov 2020 15:59

I tend to think that the real fear lies in the manner of dying. .

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