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I have lived a crappy life and find release through poetry and song especially when talking about my depression. Please forgive the cussing as well as the spelling and grammar, they were all written in quick succession as I tend to forget things. The only real editing I tend to do is adding/taking lines. Please also excuse the format as they were all typed in my notes on iPhone. Thanks for reading!

Ex calling

I can’t believe It was so easy for you to deceive me How could I not see How dare you make me feel so small How dare you not let me have my voice to call How dare you tell me I can’t Now watch as I show you I can You aren’t thinking about the future Because you’re too hung up on me Don’t seem to understand that it won’t happen again because we’re not meant to be Fully grown ready to fight and kill the unknown So be warned and listen to what I say Don’t try take the piss just stay outta my way

Thank you (unfinished)

My mind it blanked Then I remembered I haven’t thanked Anyone beside me and who cheered me on So in order to thank you properly I came up with this song For those who stuck by me for however long You lived my fear with me That is one thing I will forever hold dear So this is for you and the love that you gave My love in return As we watch the world burn Then I realise I don’t have anyone to thank The only one around is my daughter My greatest fears are about her But I don’t know what I outa do What do I do for the best Parenthood is life’s biggest test And I feel like I’m failing With every action I’m flailing Somebody tell me am I doing this right At what age do I stop kissing her good night Or tucking her in

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