Man in the shadows

Have you seen him before

He’s big and tall and hides in the shadows

Have you heard him before 

He’s whispers in my ear on my shoulder small only whilst upon me

Have you met him before 

He makes promises to punish anyone who has wronged me

Have you seen him before

He doesn’t have eyes yet I feel them upon me

Have you met him before 

He’s there when I sleep and when I wake paralysed

Have you met him before

The feel of his touch and the sound of his voice keeps me hypnotised 

Have you heard his name

Those who praise him are labelled insane

Have you been to his house before

It’s the place I go when I snore

But what’s worse is when I’m awake 

My whole world begins to shake 

Do you know that it’s not fire it’s frozen 

I am one of “the specials” he has chosen 

Have you laid unable to sleep

Keep your eyes closed don’t make a sound...not a peep

If you haven’t met him you won’t know he’s there

but the truth is...he’s everywhere


◄ A message to God and my Nan

Death is coming ►


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