I Call

I call upon my ancestors from my genetic lineage 

I call upon the acenstors in humanities heritage 

I call upon the thou from our spiritual indigenous

I call upon the Gods and the spirits and the universe 

I call upon the leylines, the energy and source 

I call upon thou to gather for discourse


May the hearts and minds of women and men 

Be courageous and strong, may we repent

Will we use our will and free our children 

So tomorrow will be better and full of abundance 


I’m just one I don’t have all the answers 

So I reach out to all the other chancers 

Take a chance with me and let’s see where this goes

Let’s carve out new solutions, let the suffering close


With more dreamers and more healers

More producers, less consumers 

More shamans, and more naturalists 

More teachers, and more seamstresses 


Forever trying to communicate these esoteric allusions, 

Let me dissect that which you tell me and calm the confusions

There's time to reflect in our convalescence 

The greed and gluttony will meet its evanescence

We have what we need with the gift of the presence 

It's time now to learn from our ancestors lessons.

◄ Will


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Angel whisperer indigo child x

Tue 26th Jan 2021 19:48

Lovely and powerful xx?

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