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One for performing mainly, but I think it stands up alone.  Part of a series.


It’s Pokémon, pimples and boils.

Being a teenager—including the sores.
It’s Spiderman, Daredevil, Rudolph and GORE
the colour of darkness when your head hits the floor.

It’s nostalgia: 
ell-ee-dees and infra-red receptors on TVs.
It’s blame and physics watching stars burn
it’s the colour of concern when you see your friends cry—
it’s STOP signs, ketchup, Typhoo and HEINZ.

It’s your best friend revealing she’s come of age.
Tampons … towels … it’s impossible to gauge! 
It’s rage and knee-scrape-splatters
the colour of tearworn eyes and all the times
you’ve lusted for guys.
It’s post-boxes, fire-engines and dog-litter bins;
Dorothy’s shoes and telephone-prank-rings 
It’s being eight, not great, just eight, faking a call,
ambulances goin’ nee-norr!
It’s ERROR signs and WARNING signs and
bright lights on aeroplanes
high up there.

Red’s stigma
and all the gay-martyrs that have ever been.
It’s HIV, virility, poppies and war 
lamb’s blood smeared on the post of the door.
It’s knowledge, courage and soul-wrenching guilt
roses, socialism, 
and all the guts spilt.

It’s cherries, berries and the colour of blush.
It’s knowing that life’s not just about growing
but being, no rush, 
and being allowed to be.

It’s all the different types of blood
we’re not allowed to give
and the weight of pretending you’re straight
when you just want to live.

It’s Love, I’ve found,
and her sister, Hate.


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Max Wallis

Wed 2nd Jun 2010 02:47

Ray - I took out the republicans and performed it tonight and it went down very well! I'll keep on tweaking it before it's in any sort of publication though. Thanks again!

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Max Wallis

Tue 1st Jun 2010 16:31

True, true. I'll give it an edit :).

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Ray Miller

Tue 1st Jun 2010 16:22

Trouble with republicans is that it means one thing over here and another over there. Summat to bear in mind when you try to conquer the States.

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Max Wallis

Tue 1st Jun 2010 15:50

Ray - I think you might be right about the nee-norrs although when I read it out loud there's a long emphasis on the 'nee-norrr' so it's not as obvious.

I quite like the republicans comment purely as a throw-away statement: juxtaposing the roses and socialism - but again you might be right. I think I might perform it tonight and see what happens.

Isobel - thank you so much! :)


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Ray Miller

Tue 1st Jun 2010 15:47

I liked this, it doesn't mess about. By capitalising GORE you've got me thinking, Al Gore, Gore Vidal,at first, so not sure about that.This bit's very good:
It’s all the different types of blood
we’re not allowed to give.
Are dog-litter bins red? Depends where you live I suppose. Think you need two nee-norrs. Maybe
"socialism roses and all the guts spilt" -leave out republicans?

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Tue 1st Jun 2010 15:17

This is a really powerful one Max and one that I can imagine performing well because it is passionate.
Some emotions I can identify with, having once been a teenager and now living with teenagers. Other parts I can only imagine. You have done a great job at expressing the frustration and the rage...x

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