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Jared Harris

Updated: Sat, 6 Feb 2021 09:39 am

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I'm an artist, musician, observer and a realist.


The greatest things in life cannot be seen, Like Happiness, love and serenity, Anger, malice, wrath and rage, I'm sick of these feelings as I grow with age, There's more to life than being locked up, Slamming dope and running amuck, Looking over my shoulders the paranoia doesn't stop, The fun is all gone and the streets are too hot, Life on the run has turn into a drag, Scraping up change just to get a dime bag, I've turned into scum and I've become a leach, Saying that I'm gonna stop but I don't practice what I preach, Detox's and rehabs are turning into a myth, Jail is my destiny that I hate to admit, "Get on the ground and put your hands behind your head!" I say "fuck you" and I run instead, Faster and faster the adrenaline is pumping, I don't want to go to jail so I keep on running, Tackled in the street and the cop said "fuck you", A car came out of nowhere and out of the blue, It seemed like a dream but it was all so real, Being ran over by 2 tons of steel, I can't get up and I'm struggling to breathe, The pain is too much and I can barely scream, The ambulance came and rushed me to the hospital, They told me to stay calm but it was fucking impossible, Under surgery I go and battle for my life, I'm not going to give up not without a fight, I eventually wake up, doctors say I'll make it, Another chance at life, I'm blessed and I'll take it, I get out of the hospital strung out on meds, This cycle never stops, please GOD when will it end?

My Art Gallery

Not only do I write I am also an artist so check out my art gallery on here as well and comment if you would like to. Thank you

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Adalyn Winn

Sun 26th Jul 2020 04:56

I’m glad I checked out you’re page, I’m glad I can relate to someone. You’re a great writer!

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