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The you and me...

 Since this is the way it's going to be,

I'll sum it all up with poetry...

Where do I even start explaining the way I feel?

I just keep telling myself: this can't be happening, this isn't real.

In my heart it seems there is a sudden void.

You built me up, only to break me down; now everything appears destroyed.

My life's orbit has suddenly stopped- where do I go from here?

I g...

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loveLove lost

Twisted love

Drown my cries with your silent screams,
Push my fears away with your shaking hands.
Listen to me with your deafened ears,
Nod and pretend to actually understand.

Hold me down while I continue to fly,
Look at me through your blinded eyes.
Pretend to see the person you want to,
And tell the truth through your broken lies.

Smile at me through your bleeding tears, 
Push me down as you catch ...

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bitter and twistedbrokencheat. lieloveno match

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