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The picture was taken during a walk round Swinsty Reservoir in Yorkshire last Saturday,fantastic day. I haven`t blogged since last year, I have just been too busy. Since I joined the WOL Team I have had lots to do. November I went on a tour of China and then it was Christmas ,it takes time writing letters and cards and then there is all the shopping for presents and visiting family and friends. It was a hectic few weeks but very enjoyable. In the January we had the Event at the Octagon another successful evening for WOL. Many different poetic styles and performances from firm favourites and new comers. I always learn something new from other poets but more often about myself and my poetry. After reading my poems out to an audience I want to rewrite and remove a line or two, it doesn’t seem to register any other time. John Armstrong and I are now responsible for running Sunday evening at the Howcroft and events in Bolton . Julian and Paul are concentrating on WOL Projects and new developments. My debut as Compere at the Howcroft went well, so I am told, given time I will improve. During February I went to Middleton and Wigan Poetry Nights. Distinct differences but still they have that congenial spirit that Write Out Loud Poets bring to their gigs. I actually won a prize at the St Valentines Day Massacre at Wigan for the most romantic poem of the evening. It came as a total shock but much appreciated.

Thursday last was World Book Day. I went along with a number of Write Out Loud poets to a Poetry Event held at Bright Books in Rochdale. It was a daylong celebration of the written word and they sponsored a WriteOutLoud - Open Mic - Poetry Session in the evening. The event was very well attended and a group of Asian ladies came by coach with Kim Haygarth editor of Scribble Magazine to join us in reading their poetry. Paul Blackburn was Compeer , he was on excellent form and set a very relaxed and entertaining tone for the evening. Ajun Malik was our guest poet she read some of her poetry in Urdu and then its translation in English. It was very interactive evening, we heard many interesting and entertaining poems. Learned how to give the traditional Pakistani response - Wah Wah - in appreciation of Ajun`s poems.. Gerry O`Gorman entertained us with some great original songs accompanied by his guitar and mandolin. I certainly enjoyed myself and I am sure everyone else did. Bright Books provided refreshments and  presented a cheque to Paul, in support of Write Out Louds Poetry Evening in Middleton. I do read the blogs and keep up with all the news its a very interactive interesting and entertaining pastime.

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<Deleted User> (4281)

Tue 11th Mar 2008 21:19

Hello Lady Valerie

Nice meeting you. I have enjoyed your Blog. Been traveling above your Country But I must missed the spot with the lovely trees and the gate. Traveling by plane not allows site seeing... Smile
It is great to hear from you about the participation in live reading of poetry. I miss that over here. Somehow Britain has more advanced programs and organized evenings for those Gigs...I wished to be there when that takes place. Thank you for sharing.

I love the gigantic trees on your lovely picture.

Warm Regards,

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carol falaki

Mon 10th Mar 2008 22:00

Thanks Valerie,
The photo is lovely. I'm just off to see if your winning romantic poem is on your page

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carol falaki

Mon 10th Mar 2008 21:57

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