The point of everything

Once upon a time 

There was a question

But I didn’t really 


What the question 

Was supposed to be 

Or which shape it had taken 

Or how it looked 

Or felt 

Or maybe 

I was too busy 


About the answer 

To give the 


The time 

And the energy 

And the respect 

For it to 


What it was 

Supposed to be 


And then 

One morning 

As bright as the day 

I knew the question 

It had been there all


Sitting pretty 

And I felt so 


Not to have known it 


But I didn’t have 

time for the


Any longer


Because now 

I had to worry 

About the 


And the answer 

Was a ghost 

The answer

Was fleeting 

The answer

Was on the tip of my tongue 

Waiting patiently 

Until I thought

I had it 

And then it 


gone again

So Tantalizingly close 

And then 

So far away 

I couldn’t see

The wood or the trees 

And I spent 

So long 


And puzzling

Over this thing

I had come 

So close touching 

That one night 

I sat up 

Right in the middle 

Of my dreams

Awake in the cold 

And now 

coldly awake 

And realised 

I’d forgotten the 


Without which 

The answer 

Was useless 


And isn’t that 

The point 

Of everything

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Kevin Tan

Wed 8th Jun 2022 17:33

I don't know. I don't know what the point of everything is. But you touch me. Like a song that David Bowie sang called Wild is the Wind. I read about it in a music magazine. I used to read those.
Nowadays I read everything people post on blogs here on this website. For example this poem. And I like it.

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