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the dance

Once upon a time
Before you knew 
How to speak 
You climbed upon
And though I was
Sitting down 
You tugged at
My shoulders
And we both knew 
What you meant
And so slowly 
I stood
And the music 
It played 
And maybe it was that 
Which drove everything
Or maybe everything else 
Was what drove 
The music 
But whatever is whatever 
And you wanted me
To dance 
And I di...

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Dreams may not

Sometimes you know
This life feels like
 it's just pretend
And we sweep or dance 
Or drift or dream 
From one act or moment 
Unto another
But this is 
Our life
And it 
And all the drama
That's real
If you want it to be 
So float across 
The stage
Should you choose 
Or drag 
Your heavy leaden feet 
Or rattle your chains
Or simply 
Like ghosts 

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The butter man

The Butter Man 

was born 
from silly conversation
He was drunk and in company 
or maybe 
he was sober

and he was asked 
or maybe he asked 
of himself
Who or 
are you?

And the words he spoke
Were never 
To leave his shadow  

For he said:

I am 
But a man

And typically
Or not
His words 
At face value 

No more than 

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