What matters

I don’t like the 


I mean

Once upon a time 

I was up for it

Heads on poles

Warn the 



Hearts on the sleeve 

And all that 

Clap trap

But now 


They haven’t even 

Got the decency 

To be 

Secret assassins 

They haven’t got the bottle

To shrink 

Your head 

Dress it up 

With a spell

Now they take you 

In broad daylight 

Dress you in a suit

See how willing

You are

To do the things you need to do

To be the things you need to be

As opposed 

To doing 

What the Fuck is right 

And they draw

You In

With a salary 

And a pension 

And have you bent over 

What you might like 

To call a


And  if you’re lucky 

They may offer 

You some 



Plead or don’t plead

It’s all the same to me 

But take the axe 

And live or die 

By something 

That matters 

And not the 


Dangling a carrot 

In front of your face 

Whilst you 




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Russell Jacklin

Sat 2nd Apr 2022 09:35

Been there! got the t-shirt

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