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Letter From The Lake

Dear friend
a sigh is leaving me
I can concentrate now, finally
a statue standing on the jetty
the lake’s slow wash below the boards
hypnotising me

I feel freer now than ever
more than I did back there
I don’t know how you toil on
those boiling days below the city
tinned-life crammed searching for air

You wrote of the love you found
that you always dreamed was waiting
head cocked ...

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These Are Very Fine Memories

There’s a story I wanted to tell
I started it long ago
clutching pen in aching hand
the ink overlapping with the lines
I never really knew what I was doing
will you listen if I take some time to unfold
There are ribbons so long and tangled
some caught up in the gears of your story too
we rode so closely through the long grass
The rain sheeting down around us
small trees in the distance g...

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