(This is my real curse)
Insomnia a horrid curse

can't sleep can't converse

everyone in the house well away

got to be up early as well today

insomnia had it all my life 

it sucks, I am tired that's life

wish I could close and drift away

awake all night till the break of day

hubby snores so loudly each night

to try and nod I fight and fight

cant turn off,  thoughts are so loud

nights are a bitch I am not proud

I stay awake till my eyes feel sore 

how many hours do I sleep 3 or 4 

insomnia a bloody horrid curse

it gets no better just a lot worse 










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Don Matthews

Thu 23rd Jan 2020 11:04

One needs courage to write about your own personal problems to an audience of unknown people. I applaud you. I seem to have forgotten our previous conversation. Sorry.

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Thu 23rd Jan 2020 10:09

Yes both right this is me has been me all my life from about 12 years old me and sleep do not mix lol xx

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Don Matthews

Thu 23rd Jan 2020 06:52


As you have given no preliminary statement that this does not apply to you, and having written it in the first person, I have no choice but to believe you are talking about yourself.

You have also given the same idea to MC

Please clarify......

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 23rd Jan 2020 02:25

I can only sympathise with those who suffer this affliction. It is likely
to have a variety of causes, not least an over-active mind (allied,
perhaps, on occasions, to an under-active body that isn't tired enough to drop off to sleep).
There's also the situation when separate bedrooms might help - or
the means of cancelling out the audible sound of a nearby partner.
In an age when experiments into sleep problems are commonplace,
it is apparent that the situation has no set remedy, with each in need
of some individual personal attention to source and help reduce or
eliminate the cause(s). As a shift-worker all my working life (now long
retired) I became, through necessity, adjusted to a haphazard system
of sleeping hours, sometimes as short as 4 - 5 hours, before rising
to start work. Now, in retirement, with no regular demands on my time, I have a split routine, often waking for a nighttime loo visit
after a few hours and then returning to enjoy another longer rest
period, with narrative dreams to go with it!! That seems to suit
my present life-style as the years pass.
Best wishes towards obtaining a solution to whatever sleep curse is upon you! Note the time of this comment for my own
situation as far as "bedtime" hours are concerned!

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